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Learn a New Language with Pronunciator

Durham County Library is excited to announce the launch of Pronunciator, an online language learning program free of charge to DCL card holders. With 80 languages to choose from and ESL courses in 50 languages, Pronunciator is focused on quickly building conversational skills through a combination of interactive online drills, scored quizzes, and downloadable audio […]

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Durham County Library Celebrates Creek Week with Presentation on Durham’s Urban Watersheds

Program: The History and Future of Durham’s Urban Watersheds Date: Thursday, March 20 Time: 7 p.m. Location: Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St. Cost: Free and open to the public About: Durham County Library will celebrate Creek Week with a presentation on three of Durham’s urban watersheds from Chris Dreps, Bob Healy and Robin Jacobs. […]

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A Lesson in Pride

I became hooked on Jennifer Connors “Lesson” series a couple of years ago. The main character is Ginny, who, upon returning from a not-so-wonderful vacation is in a car accident and wakes in a different time and in the form of another person. Over the series of eight or nine books, Ginny lives the lives […]

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The Man of My Dreams

This book has been lingering on my TBR list for a couple of years now, and I finally picked it up to read in January. I am not a big fan of the paranormal books–I know some readers just love the Vampire stories–so this book was just “okay” for me. That being said, the ending […]

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Shadow Woman

I really enjoy the suspense of Linda Howard’s books. Shadow Woman is about a woman who wakes and doesn’t recognize her face. Her memory of two years was erased, along with certain information from her past. As the memories begin to seep back in, she finds herself in danger. Find in catalog

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Murder List

Another book in Julie Garwood’s Buchanan series involving a woman who attends a self-help seminar. She and her friends are hoping to expose the self-help guru as a fraud. As part of the exercise, participants are told to write a list of people they would like to see dead, whereupon the lists are then burned. […]

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