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A Broom of One’s Own

There was a review of this book in the Durham paper in 2008, and I bought the book then. That’s how long this book has been on my shelf! Ms. Peacock lives in Chatham County, and during her early days as a writer she cleaned houses to make ends meet. This book is about those […]

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This is about a small kitten that was put in the after-hours book return slot in Spencer, Iowa. He became very famous all over the world and lived out his life of 18 years at the library. He was named Dewey Readmore Books, and was quite an ambassador for Spencer and their library. This book […]

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The Joy of Less

I loved this book. In my quest to de-clutter and simplify my life, I found Francine Jay to be a real inspiration. She is similar to Susan Pinsky in her philosophy for getting rid of everything that you don’t use or enjoy. So many organizing books are about finding ways to store all your stuff […]

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Slow Gardening

This was a fun book to read. Felder Rushing is down to earth, informative, and very funny. He believes in doing what you enjoy in the garden, and he particularly likes plants that do not need to be coddled. He makes me want to get out in my own garden and get to work.   […]

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When Did We Lose Harriet?

I bought this book several years ago because I was intrigued by the title, but then never got around to reading it. This is a cozy southern mystery, and the main character is a 60 something feisty lady. It was a good mystery and an easy and enjoyable book to read. It is well-written and […]

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On What Grounds

This cozy mystery combines coffee and a little romance with a wonderful main character who runs a coffee shop in NYC. I love coffee, and you learn quite a bit about the beverage in this book. It is the first in the series, and I definitely plan on reading more. Find in Catalog

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Girl in Translation

This is a coming of age novel about Kimberly Chang, who emigrates with her mother from Hong Kong to Brooklyn at age 11. The author, Jean Kwok, skillfully addresses clashing cultures and values, and the roots and impact of the poverty faced by many immigrants. Although Kimberly encounters grinding poverty, child labor, and the otherness […]

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