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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

By Junot Diaz

This is one of the most spectacular works of fiction I have ever read. Diaz’s narrator’s prose is sharp, unique, funny, and keenly representative of contemporary urban America, in particular the Latino immigrant community. Chock full of cultural, literary, sci-fi/genre, and historical references, I could read this book ten times and pick up on new […]

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By Tina Fey

After reading a whole lot of dark and heavy books, I really needed a lighter read. I had been advised by a friend to try the audio book because it’s read by the author. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. She has great, short stories that flow together nicely. Unlike some […]

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Bleeding Edge

By Thomas Pynchon

Thomas Pynchon’s take on the 21st century, the Internet, and September 11. Something like an East Coast version of “Vineland.” The protagonist is Maxine Tarnow, a private fraud investigator in NYC. I had to keep a list of characters, because there were so many it was hard to keep them all straight. But that’s not […]

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Openly Straight

By Bill Konigsberg

While I continued to see stories calling it a fairy tale it would not stop me from reading this novel and it was the best of all decisions. The author’s writing style grabbed me in making me instantly love and hate the book for the anticipation that leaves you sitting on the edge of your […]

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Murder on Monday

By Ann Purser

I have had this paperback sitting on my shelf for several years. It was recommended by a friend who enjoys the same kind of mysteries that I do. It was a fast read and enjoyable. The main character is feisty and no-nonsense, and I liked her and her family and would like to read the […]

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American wife

By curtis sittenfeld

I enjoyed the first half of this novel but after Alice and Charlie got married it got rather boring. Their marriage stressed me out. I didn’t like that Alice was still “in love” with Andrew. Charlie’s behavior was appalling. His sudden conversion to Christianity was hard to take – maybe because I am a follower […]

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City of Shadows

By Ariana Franklin

I’ve read all of Ariana Franklin’s books now. This book has been on my TBR list for a couple of years, but I didn’t want to read it because that would mean there would be no more books for me by Ariana Franklin. She is an amazing writer. She can plot a tale to make […]

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A Golden Voice

By Ted WIlliams

I still remember seeing the Youtube clip of Ted Williams in 2011. The homeless man with the golden voice. I remember praying for him and hoping that the opportunities coming his way would take him off the streets. I have been wanting to read this book because I have wanted to know what happened to […]

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The Fault in Our Stars

By John Green

This is a touching story about the brilliance and engulfing power of first love. But there is a twist: the main characters, Hazel Lancaster, and Augustus Waters, meet at a teen support group for cancer. Hazel has outlasted her life expectancy due to a wonder drug, and Augustus had a leg amputated to prevent the […]

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