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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

The Bourne Supremacy

To say the film entitled The Bourne Supremacy is based loosely on this novel is the understatement of the century. Essentially the only similarities are that there are characters named Jason Bourne, Marie, and Alex Conklin, and a top secret government program called Treadstone that trained killers. However, once I got past that, I really […]

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The Stranger’s Child

British Society – upper class—bored generation. Wasted lifestyle. Too much drinking Hints of homosexulality or bisexuality. Poetry written by young man, published. Poetry more important that the man –Regarded of symbolism of the loss of humanity due to WWI Part of the book deals with a scholar writing about that man. Pg 377 –“The thing […]

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The Bone Collector

The first Lincoln Rhyme—suspenseful. Lincoln and Ameilia Sachs save some of the victums but… Moral question about quality of life. Lincoln’s desire to commit suicide because at any moment he might lose any of the last bit of control he has VS the contribution he can make with his guidance and skill. Enough detail but […]

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Giovanni’s Room

A short, intense book from the 1950s. It is a novel set in Paris, following David, a young American who is very alienated from his emotions. While his girlfriend is away to Spain, he meets Giovanni and they fall in love. David doesn’t truly allow himself to feel this completely, a stark contrast to Giovanni, […]

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The Lost City of Z

I’m not a huge fan of non-fiction but this book moves along smoothly and has enough inherent adventure to hold my attention. The quest of Fawcett and so many others in searching for an ancient civilization in the Amazon was riveting, and I found the author’s conclusion satisfying. Find in Catalog

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Americanah is an ambitious novel tackling race in the U.S., the experience of African immigrants in London, and the contemporary culture of materialism in Lagos. I appreciated the scope and honesty of this book. I admired the author’s ability to be forceful while gently softening her polemics, mainly expounded through the main character, Ifemelu’s, blog […]

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Lucy Gayheart

One of Cather’s later novel — a short one. If you are a Cather fan I would describe this as a mix between “Song of the Lark” and “A Lost Lady.” Lucy is a girl full of spirit who goes to Chicago to study piano, and falls head over heels in love with a world-traveling […]

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The Widower’s Tale

Forced to become more interactive with his youngest daughter and his neighbors when he agrees to allow his long-deceased wife’s art studio be used as a childcare/school; seventy-year- old Percy Darling experiences an emotional renewal . He falls in love with a free-spirited 50ish artist who has adopted a toddler enrolled at the school. When […]

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The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

Highly enjoyable book! Written so the reader will like the majority of the characters, especially Willadee, the wife of Samuel Lake and Swan, his daughter. And really dislike the abusive like wife/animal/child beater –Ras Ballenger and egotistical, Bernice. Final page — theme of book? “And that’s the way things have gone from that day until […]

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