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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

“The Bug Funeral

By Sarah R Shaber

Campy and fun. Loved the references to Raleigh’s locale. And, history about orphans. Simon has broken up with girlfriend — preoccupied with attraction to latest client — Helen Williams who is afraid that she was a murderer in a previous life. Simon is professor at a “liberal arts college in Raleigh, NC forensic historian*, having […]

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Exiled: Voices of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War

By Carl L. Kell, editor

This compilation of essays by (formerly) Southern Baptist ministers and lay leaders during the fundamentalist takeover of 1979-1995 chronicles the personal experiences of the authors during the years of the takeover. The authors also discuss their feelings associated with being exiled from the church with which they strongly identified and to which they had devoted […]

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A Praying Life

By Paul E Miller

This was a wonderful book. I’ve been so discouraged in my prayer life over the last two years. Miller defines what it means to live a praying life, why it’s desirable, and then gives practical advice on how to do it. I am so happy I read this book. Not in library catalog.

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The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak

My run of reviewing books stalled after reading this book. I was underwhelmed by it, but disappointed to be. After all, how can one speak badly of a heartrending tale involving concealing a Jewish man during World War II? Ultimately, I found the style of the writing to be enormously distracting without contributing anything to […]

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Bringing Up Boys

By James Dobson

This book had a lot of interesting information about the psychological differences between boys and girls and it presented some of the unique challenges of raising boys these days. Obviously it was written from a Christian perspective (since James Dobson is the author) so while I appreciated that, many readers probably would not. Find in […]

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Agatha Christie, An Autobiography

By Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, An Autobiography (2011 updated version –includes CD with Christie dictating script and Forward by grandson, Mathew Prichard)Review: Very interesting book. Scholarly 1st person. Great for students of Chistie or dectective stories. Quotes/interesting points: Pg 45 –referring to Nursie comments that Agatha could never be a Lady because she hadn’t been born to aristocracy: […]

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Queen Elizabeth A story of Love, Rivalry and Spectacular Gardens

By By Trea Martin

A twelve page bibliography and index completes the book. But I would have much preferred better illustration. The gardens are described as spectacular, but line drawings of some of the mazes and tools don’t translate the sense of expense Robert Dudley and William Cecil expent to captivate Elizabeth. References to painting of Elizabeth led this […]

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The Great American Frontier: A Story of Western Pioneering

By Thomas D. Clark, editor

This compilation of primary sources chronicling the experience of 19th-century pioneering and settlement of the western United States is pretty dry reading at times. The contributions by Samuel Clemens are a highlight. Dry as it may be in places, it covers the full pioneering experience and gives the reader a good sense of what pioneers […]

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