This History of Public Library Service in Durham, 1897-1997 by Jessica Harland-Jacobs




Durham County Library Archives, Durham County Library, Durham, NC.

Scrapbooks: No. 1, 1897-1937; No. 2, 1938-65; NO. 3, 1966-70; No. 4, 1971-75; No. 5, 1976-78; No. 6, 1978-82; No. 7, 1982-87; No. 8, 1987-96.

Board meeting minutes, Lady Managers (1869-1909) and Trustees (1911-80).

Correspondence: Board of Trustees, ALA, County of Durham, City of Durham.


Various files.

Photographic collection.

Stanford L. Warren Branch Archives, Stanford L. Warren Branch Library, Durham, NC.

Board of Trustees, Meeting Minutes, 1923-1966.

Staff Minutes, 1956-1960.

Monthly Reports, 1938-1948.

Photographic collection.

Duke University Archives, Durham, NC.

Lillian Baker Griggs Papers.

Town of Durham Records.

Book G, 12/4/1894-3/21/1898.


Annual Reports: Durham Public Library and Durham County Library.

Emerson Greenaway, Library Service in Durham--A Look to the Future (Durham, 1963).

Staff of the Durham County Library, The Durham County Library and Its Community (Durham, 1979).

Stanford L. Warren Branch Library Study Report and Recommendations Durham, 1984).

A Plan for Service (Durham, 1989).

Newspapers and Journals

Durham Globe.

Durham Recorder.

Morning Herald (Durham).

Durham Sun.

North Carolina Library Bulletin, 1913-1927.


Oral Histories and Presentations

Dale Gaddis, Oral History, 20 October 1997.

Constance and Charles Watts, Oral History, 28 October 1997.

Betty Clark, Selena Warren Wheeler, and Anne Berkley, presentations to the Historic Preservation Society, Durham, NC, 1987.

Sydney Nathans, The Lowdown on Uplift: Public Libraries and Democratic Culture, 1890-1920, paper presented at the Linder Humanities Lecture Series, Durham County Library, 16 September 1997.

Jan Radway, Books as 'Equipment for Living': Libraries, Book Clubs, and the Promotion of Reading in the Inter-war Years, paper presented at the Linder Humanities Lecture Series, Durham County Library, 23 September 1997.

Books, Articles, and Theses

Anders, Mary Edna. The Development of Public Library Service in the Southeastern States, 1895-1950. (Ph. D. diss., Columbia University, 1958).

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