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Black School Patrons Named in the Durham County School Board Minutes

Rougemont School

Oct.1, 1917; March 11, June 15, and August 4, 1919 Reverend W. D. Smith

Russell School

June 6, 1921 Charles Dunagan and John Mangum
May 2, 1927 Gep Mack

Hickstown School

September 1, 1919 Henry Lyon

Pearsontown School

May 30, 1920 Haywood Dodson, Oscar Page, and J. L. Page

Lillian School

June 7, 1920 Eugene Rogers, Arthur Green, M. J Rogers, and Robert Rogers
August 2, 1920 Eugene Rogers

Page School

October 16, and November 6, 1922 Atkins Farrington and Sid Hayes
March 4, 1924 Atkins Farrington

Barbee Chapel

November 6, 1922 James Nunn


October 2, 1922 W. O. Carlton, Doc Scott, Mrs. Hedgepath, Joseph Eades, W. P. Green, and C. E. Carlton

Mill Grove

May 5, 1924 W. D. Dunagan, J. S. Holloway, Duncan Meeks, and Ed Meeks

Of all the many African Americans who appeared before the school board, only these few were named in the minutes. The minutes usually noted that “a delegation of colored (or negro) patrons appeared before the board.”

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