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Description: The five most successful textile mills in Durham: Erwin Mills (on Ninth Street), Durham Cotton Manufacturing Company (on East Pettigrew Street), Pearl Mill (on Trinity Avenue, later called Erwin Mills No. 6), Golden Belt Manufacturing Company (East Main Street), and Durham Hosiery Company (Corcoran Street). In 1884, Julian Shakespeare Carr established the Durham Cotton Manufacturing Company in what was then Prattsburg. The Durham Daily Sun rejoiced: "In place of this dark hole of iniquity and infamy, there will be a busy, bustling manufacturing community." By the early 1900s, more people were working in textile mills in Durham than in tobacco factories.

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Handwritten text on back of card: 10/14/07 Paper???

Printed text: The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, Me., U.S.A. 6704 Made in Germany

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