Picture JS055

Picture JS055B

Description: Washington Duke statue, which originally faced Trinity College's Main Street entrance. The statue was moved to a new location when this entrance was moved to the west, closer to Broad Street. The original pedestal now holds "The Sower." Postcard is circa 1932.

Postmark place and date: Washington, D.C. Mar 15 1917

Addressee: Miss Donna Ryan; Washington St.; Grafton; West Va.

Handwritten text on front of card: none

Handwritten text on back of card: This card is 15 yrs. Old. Hope you are well. R.J.P. Mar. 14 1947 1405 Harvard St. N.W. Wash. D.C.

Printed text: C.T. American Art Colored. Published by the Rose Agency, Inc., Durham, N.C.

Filename: JS055 - JS055b

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