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Description: Looking south from Baldwin Auditorium on the Duke campus, the oval shape hearkens back to Blackwell's racetrack, located here before the college. The old grandstand stood about where this image was taken. A horse named Baxter, who was stabled here, took third place in the Kentucky Derby. Lumber salvaged from the old grandstand was used to build the "Ark" (which still stands to the left of these buildings). The Ark is North Carolina's first college gym and the location of the school's first home basketball game in 1906 (a 24-10 loss to Wake Forest). It is so named because of the long, narrow bridge walkway that led spectators up to the doors, forcing people to enter two-by-two.

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Printed text: Looking South from the Auditorium The above picture taken from atop the Auditorium, shows the harmonious blending of the old with the new--East and West Duke stand majestic at the south end of the campus. The buildings in the foreground are dormitories; on the west side of the circle is the Library, on the east side is the Union.
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