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Description: Hotel Carrolina. "One of the most attractive hotels south of Washington" was built on the site of "Pandora's Box" (Dr. Bartlett Durham's estate at the northeast corner of Corcoran and Peabody streets). About 1890, Julian S. Carr expanded his hotel to 73 rooms and a veranda. It was Durham's finest hotel until it burned down in 1907.

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Printed text: HOTEL CARROLINA, one of the most costly, attractive hotels south of Washington, is regarded as the "Half-way House" to the winter tourist in his journeyings to and from the South. New, modern and elegant, with generous piazzas, a sun parlor ,and all appointments of a first-class house, it is popular at all seasons of the year. Raphael Tuck & Sons "Silverette" (Regd.) Postcard No. 7089, "Durham, N.C." Art Publishers to Their Majesties the King & Queen

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