Picture JS139

Picture JS139B

Description: Craven Memorial and Aycock Halls, Trinity College. Since Aycock is still standing, this postcard nicely shows the relation of the old buildings that were removed (such as Craven and the old library--with dome) to the current East Campus layout.

Postmark place and date: Durham Jun 17 1918

Addressee: Mr. Jack Johnson; 816 42nd St.; Newport News, V.A.

Handwritten text on front of card: none

Handwritten text on back of card: Hello Bro. I thought I would try and answer some of those cards you have sent me ha. Ha. If you don't hurry and write you letter.
Lovingly your Sis

Printed text: Octochrome, 37667---Pub. by Durham Book & Staty. Co., Durham, N.C.

Filename: JS139 - JS139b

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