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Description: Bennett Place where General Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to William Tecumseh Sherman, near Durham, N.C. According to Hiram Paul's History of the Town of Durham, N.C., the Durham depot was considered neutral territory after the surrender, "where 'the boys in blue and gray'.swapped horses, ran foot races, shot at targets, and.spun camp yarns, and had a 'good time' generally." John R. Green's tobacco factory was located near Durham Station. According to Paul, "Stored in this factory were large quantities of smoking tobacco, ready for shipment, and during the armistice the building was completely sacked, and around the campfires in Durham the 'blue and the gray' literally smoked the pipe of peace. When the honorable terms of surrender were consummated.the soldiers of each army provided themselves with a plentiful supply of this tobacco and marched homeward. Thus Green's tobacco was distributed from Maine to Texas, and what he regarded as a great calamity soon proved a great blessing. When the soldiers, on reaching home, had exhausted their supply of tobacco, orders, directed to the R.R. Agent, Postmaster, etc., at Durham, began to pour in rapidly for more of that tobacco."

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Printed text: Published by The Durham Book and Stationery Co., Durham, N.C.

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