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Read digital magazines anywhere!

Durham County Library is excited to offer free, digital versions of popular magazines for our patrons through Zinio. We subscribe to over 70 e-magazines including Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, ESPN the Magazine, National Geographic, O, the Oprah Magazine and many more.

Browse & Checkout E-Magazines


  • No checkout periods; keep the magazine for as long as you want
  • Multiple viewing platforms (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Interactive elements such as audio and video
  • Intuitive searching and navigating within each magazine.

Getting Started with E-Magazines

The following sections will help you get started with checking out E-Magazines from the library. If you need further assistance, visit any DCL location or find more help guides, FAQs, and an online support request form at our online help page.

Install the Zinio for Libraries App

Visit your device’s app store to download and install the free Zinio for Libraries app or click one of the links below. A Zinio for Libraries personal account mobile app is a READ ONLY app which allows enhanced reading options, including reading offline via downloaded magazine and bookmarking.

The Zinio for Libraries mobile app is available for the iPad® and Android™ for free in the corresponding app stores.

Apps are also available for the iPhone®, and Kindle Fire™/Fire™ HD.

Zinio for Libraries apps for the iPhone® and Kindle Fire™/Fire™ HD are scheduled for 2015 at which time there would be no need to visit the commercial site.

Keep in mind that your commercial app collection may contain materials not associated with your library collection.

Note: Use the Zinio app only to read your magazines. Browse and checkout new issues of library magazines via the DCL’s Zinio Collection web page. (Bookmark this page for easy access.)

Read Your Magazines

Follow these steps to read your magazines using your device’s browser or the Zinio for Libraries app.

Using Your Computer’s Web Browser

After checking out a magazine, click the cover image to open it for reading.

Note: Some magazines can only be viewed using the Zinio for Libraries app and will not be available on your computer.

Using the Zinio Reader App on Smart Devices

Reading magazines on smart devices (tablets, smartphones) must be done through the Zinio for Libraries app; no online browser is available.

  1. Open the Zinio for Libries app and sign in to your library collection account.
  2. Select a magazine you’ve previously checked out by tapping on the cover.
  3. The issue will open for reading and begin downloading to your device.
  4. Continue reading your magazine, or finish reading offline after the download is finished.

Checking Out Additional Magazines

Return to the DCL Zinio Collection page using your web browser to check out additional magazines.  (Bookmark this page for easy access.)

Note: You cannot check out magazines with the Zinio for Libraries app.