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Hope Valley Country Club Records

Title: Hope Valley Country Club Records
Inclusive Dates: 1925-2009
Extent of Materials: 5 boxes plus oversized material
Date of Accession: December, 2011
Donor: Dr. Harvey Estes
Relationship of donor or materials to the DCL/NCR Materials document the founding and activity of Hope Valley Country Club, Durham’s first country club, built to appeal to prestigious Durham and Chapel Hill citizens. While much of the material relates to the country club and its activities, some material concerns the neighborhood, specifically the maps, Homeowners Association material, and research files about the early homes.
Processor: Lori Neumeier
Subject Headings: “Ross, Donald J., 1872?-1948.
Hope Valley Country Club (Durham, N.C.)
Golf courses — North Carolina — Durham.
Nelson, Byron, 1912-2006.”
Scope and Content: The Hope Valley Country Club (HVCC) Records include documents, correspondence and financial materials documenting the club’s formation; membership rosters and lists of club officers; original deeds; and blueprints. The collection also includes records that document later functions and activities of the club: administrative records, club charter, constitutions and by-laws, reports and letters from the club president, committee minutes and reports, petitions, newsletters, and financial material. Also included are records of social functions and organizations, recreational activities, and the golf course, as well as photographs of the club members and employees, and social and recreational events. These records are supplemented by the research files produced by Dr. Harvey Estes, compiled while researching the history of Hope Valley Country Club for an 80th anniversary exhibit in 2006. Prominent within these files are histories of many of the original homes and home owners . People featured within this collection include club developers R. Jesse Mebane and Walter E. Sharpe, financer Smith Richardson, golf course architect Donald Ross, professional golfer Byron Nelson, golf professional Marshall Crichton, club manager Bill Berutti, historian Mena Webb, and researcher Dr. Harvey Estes.
Related Materials: See digitized collection
Restrictions: None
Biographical/Historical Note: Hope Valley was established in Durham in 1926 by real estate developers R. Jesse Mebane and Walter E. Sharpe on a site carved from four existing farms. The community was conceived of as an “automobile suburb” and country club designed to serve the young professionals in Durham’s tobacco, textile, and health care industries, as well as the faculty of Duke University and University of North Carolina. Initial progress was made in the 1920s, including the opening of an 18-hole golf course designed by Donald Ross in 1926, which was featured in a 1929 book, Golf and Country Clubs by Clifford Charles Wendehack, an architect of clubhouses. Houses built in the era were built in an eclectic mix of revival styles. During the Great Depression, development stalled due to financial difficulties, despite backing from Smith Richardson, president of Vicks, Inc. Not until after World War II did Hope Valley Country Club begin to seem a viable country club and real estate venture, and the 1940s saw the addition of dozens of homes, a new pro shop, caddy house, and grill room. Many of Durham’s businessmen, medical professionals, and professors have lived in Hope Valley. Furthermore, the golf course has been played by professional golfers Byron Nelson and Mike Souchak, and was managed by Will Mann, who went on to become the president of the Professional Golf Association (PGA). Some material included within this collection was saved [by whom?] after club manager Bill Berutti requested its disposal. Additional material includes research compiled by Dr. Harvey Estes for a 2006 exhibit commemorating the club’s 80th anniversary. Included within his research files are histories of the club and notes and photographs of many of the original houses and home owners.
Condition Notes: Original 1926 plans of Hope Valley (oversized material) are brittle. Photographs (box 4) include fragile glass plates.
Organization of Collection: Box 1 and 2 include general administrative and financial materials, arranged by subject and chronologically. Box 3 includes subject files and Harvey Estes’ Hope Valley research files, compiled for an 80th anniversary exhibit in 2006. Boxes 4 and 5 contain photographs, arranged by subject and maintained largely according to their original groupings.
Container List Folder Title
Box 1
1 Charter, Constitutions, and By-Laws (1985-1994, undated)
2 Reports of the President (1955)
Includes list of Hope Valley Country Club presidents, 1926-1966
3 Year-End and Quarterly Reports from the President (1972-2002)
4 Letters from the President (1930, 1983-2006)
5 Homeowners and Membership Rosters (1927-2007, undated)
6 Yearbooks (1942-1966)
7 Letter of Agreement Creating Durham Country Club (1926)
8 Formation of Homeowners Association (1949-1950)
9 Committee Minutes (2006)
10 Committee Reports (1972-1985)
11 Petitions (1953-1987, undated)
12 Correspondence: Richardson, Mebane, and Sharpe (1928-1930)
Copied with permission from Richardson-Vicks, Inc. Records (#4468) from Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
13 Correspondence: General (1974-2002)
14 Newsletters: “Down in the Valley,” “Proclamations” (1995-1998; 1992-2006)
15 Advertisements for Hope Valley Country Club in Durham Morning Herald (1926-1928)
16 Newspaper Clippings (1926-2001, undated)
Box 2
1 Financial Material (1974-1995)
2 Checks (1934, 1941)
3 Paid Bills (1941-1942)
4 Deeds (1926-1937)
5 Deeds (1940-1993)
6 Deeds – Copies (1925-1951)
Box 3
1 Golf Course
Contains material related to Donald Ross, golf course architect; Will Mann, former HVCC golf course superintendent and later president of the PGA; and Mike Souchak, “The Man Who Shot the Lowest Score in PGA History,” 1992
2 Marshall Crichton (1996)
Hope Valley Country Club’s first golf professional, 1926-1960
3 Byron Nelson (1991-1995)
Professional golfer; won a record 11 PGA tournaments in a row, including one at HV golf course, 1945
4 Golf and Country Clubs by Clifford Charles Wendehack (1929)
Book about country clubs written by an architect of country clubs. Includes feature on Hope Valley Country Club. Original glass plate negatives can be found within this collection (See box 4, folder 8).
5 Maps
6 “Come Alive at 55″ Club (2005-2009)
7 Programs and Menus (1972-2001)
8 Recipes (undated)
9 Histories of Hope Valley Country Club (1982, undated)
10 Correspondence: Harvey Estes’ Hope Valley Country Club Research (2006)
11 Research: Harvey Estes’ Hope Valley Country Club History Folder (1 of 2)
12 Research: Harvey Estes’ Hope Valley Country Club History Folder (2 of 2)
13 Research: Hope Valley Houses and Owners (2002-2009)
14 Hope Valley Country Club 80th Anniversary Exhibit Materials
Includes photographs used in exhibit
15 Material related to other country clubs
Box 4 Photographs – Includes fragile material
1 Board of Governors
See also: Oversized Items
2 Members of Hope Valley Country Club
Includes photograph of Larry Harris, club manager
3 Public Figures
Includes photographs of Perry Como, Edmund “Eddie” Cameron, and Mike Souchak
4 Byron Nelson
Professional golfer. Won a record 11 PGA tournaments in a row, including a win at HV golf course, 1945
5 Early Houses in Hope Valley
7 Clubhouse and Golf Course
8 Country Club
FRAGILE. Original glass negatives from Golf and Country Clubs by Clifford Charles Wendehack (See box 2, folder 4).
9 Golf
FRAGILE. Includes glass frames.
10 Riding Stables
11 Tennis (1988-1996)
From photo album
12 Aerial Photographs
13 Miscellaneous
Box 5 Photographs
1 Staff and Unidentified People
2 Events and Parties
3 Events and Parties
From photo album
4 Holidays
5 Recreation
6 Swimming (1982-1983)
From photo album
7 Tennis (1986)
From photo album
8 Hope Valley Country Club Grounds; Miscellaneous; Negatives
9 Hope Valley Country Club Members
10 Images of Historic Durham
Box 6: Oversized
Photograph: Aerial View (1982)
Photographs: Board of Governors (1974, 1978)
Field Survey Plat (1974)
Newspaper Clipping: “Hope Valley: Ross design will test amateurs”
Advertisements for Hope Valley Country Club in Durham Morning Herald (1926-1928)
Census Data (1930)
Map of Hope Valley
Posters: Officers, Board of Governors, and Committees (1960-1967)
Blueprint: Club House
Blueprint: Grill Room
Blueprints: Miscellaneous
Oversized Materials
Original Hope Valley Country Club Plans (1960-1967)
Map of Hope Valley Community (1963)
Blueprint of Grill Room by Archie Royal Davis, Architect


Updated October 7, 2013.