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A.B. Markham Land Grant and Genealogy Correspondence and Notebooks

Title: A.B. Markham Land Grant and Genealogy Correspondence and Notebooks
Extent of Materials: 6 boxes (and 4 oversize items)
Location: Cabinet 19 and map drawer 9, office case
Donor: Allan B. Markham, Jr.
Processor: Kathryn Michaelis
Scope and Content: The correspondence in this collection chiefly consists of letters written to Markham from individuals seeking information about their ancestors. The letters are arranged alphabetically by the correspondent’s last name. Several correspondents’ letters have been filed separately; this was done if there was a significant amount of correspondence that Markham had segregated from the rest. The letters from Louise Conway, Markham’s cousin, primarily discuss their research into their family’s history, as well as some current family affairs. The letters from Anita Darnell and the letters from Edmund Leigh deal with their writers’ investigations into the history of the Leigh family, which is connected with the Markham family. The contents of the notebooks in this collection have been removed from their original binders and transferred to folders. The notebooks contain notes used by Markham to create his land-grant maps of Orange and Wake counties. Included are notes on land ownership and transfer in those areas; information on area families, including lists of marriages and copies of legal documents such as wills, court proceedings, and bills of sale. The data in the notebooks dates primarily from the mid-18th to the early 19th centuries.
Restrictions: The collection is open for research
Organization of Collection: 1. Genealogical Correspondence
2. Notebooks
Container List: Box 1
Correspondence, A-K
Box 2
Correspondence, L-W
Box 3
Notebook 1: Records of land grants made in Orange County, Wake County, unspecified other places. Mostly mid-to-late 18th century. Includes index of names.
Notebook 2: Notes on marriages and children born for the following families: Rhodes/Roads; Leathers; Marchum/Marcum; Barbee
Typed copies of legal documents (origins unclear), mostly involving the Leigh family: wills; receipts for slaves, livestock, crops, household items; excerpts from old letters and papers, Markham family, Leigh family, others; transcripts of legal proceedings
Wake and Orange County records, including selected census entries from 1790, 1830, 1840, 1850
Records of land transfers and land ownership
“Moore’s NC Roster, Vol. 1 Page 19”: Civil War soldiers
List of “Orange County Marcoms and Leighs and Wake County Marcoms in Civil War”
Notebook 3: Records of land grants and holdings in Caswell and Person counties. Includes index to names.
Notebook 4: Records of land transfers in Orange(?) County. Includes index to names.
Notebook 5: Records of land grants in Orange Co. Part I of II. Includes index to names for notebooks 5 and 6. (pp. 1-176)
Box 4
Notebook 6: See above. Part II (pp. 177-369)
*Notebooks 7-11 are a continuous record of land grants in Orange County.
Notebook 7: Orange County land grants, pp. 1-100
Notebook 8: Orange County land grants, pp. 101-200
Notebook 9: Orange County land grants, pp. 201-300
Box 5
Notebook 10: Orange County land grants, pp. 301-400
Notebook 11: Orange County land grants, pp. 401-564
Notebook 12: Land grants in Chatham, Wake, and Orange counties
Notebook 13: Land grants in Orange(?) County
Notebook 14: Notes on families. Includes notes on the following families: Leigh, Chisenhall, Riggins, Bingham, Marcom/Markham, Herndon, Trice, Carlton, Barbee, Couch, Cabe, Craig, Johnston, Blackwood, Pickett, Duke, Weatherspoon/Witherspoon, Jones (of Wake County).
Notebook 15: Wills and marriages. Includes significant information on the following families: Marcom, Leigh, Barbee, Shepherd, Gattis, Daniel, Carlton, Trice, Booth, Patterson, Bohannon, Capper, Peeler, then lists of details from many others.
Notebook 17: Notes on the Marcom/Markham family
Notebook 18: Marriages, census data, Cane Creek Church book, and miscellaneous other notes
Notebook 19: Wills, marriages, and other legal documentsEnclosures from notebooks: Includes clippings, handwritten notes, a few photographs, and miscellaneous other material.