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Mayor Charles Markham Collection

Title: Mayor Charles Markham Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1882-2001
Extent of Materials: Mayor Markham grew up in Durham, attended Durham public schools, Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill. His materials tie very closely into the community and the history of this area. His papers concerned with politics express the issues facing the citizens of Durham from the early to late 1980s.
Location: Duke Storage, Box 21 in NC Room on filing cabinet
Date of Accession: 2005
Donor: Charles Markham
Relationship of donor or materials to the DCL/NCR Mayor Markham grew up in Durham, attended Durham public schools, Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill. His materials tie very closely into the community and the history of this area. His papers concerned with politics express the issues facing the citizens of Durham from the early to late 1980s.
Processor: Sally Watts
Subject Headings:Scope and Content: Advertising, Political.
City councils — North Carolina — Durham.
City planning — North Carolina.
Durham (N.C.) – Politics and government.
Local government — North Carolina — Durham.
Markham family.
Regional planning — North Carolina.
The collection consists of clippings, photographs, correspondence, scrapbooks, and official reports. The collection is comprised mainly of documents associated with Markham’s time as mayor and as a lawyer; however, there are materials concerning his fraternity and personal interests. The paper’s of other members of Markham’s family including his sisters, Sarah and Eleanor Markham, father, Charles Markham, sr., mother Sadie Hackney Markham and her parents, E.C. Hackney and Lina Mallory Hackney are included in the collection. Subjects covered by the materials include Durham revitalization, the Phi Delta fraternity, political issues and the Markham family genealogy. The collection is arranged into series based on item’s informational content or the creator of the materials.
Restrictions: Folder 239 is not available for public viewing at this time.
Biographical/Historical Note: Charles Blackwell Markham was born in Durham, North Carolina on Sept. 15, 1926. He attended public schools in Durham and then received his bachelors from Duke University in 1942. After Duke, Markham attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School for one year. He received his law degree from George Washington University Law School (Washington, D.C.) in 1951. Before becoming Durham’s mayor, Markham worked as an attorney in New York City, NY between 1960 and 1965 and as a director to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, DC between 1965 and 1968. In 1969 Markham became the deputy assistant secretary for Metropolitan Development (later Community Planning and Management). Three years later, Markham was the assistant dean at Rutgers Law School in Newark New Jersey. Returning to Durham, Markham received a position at North Carolina Central University as an associate professor of law. He continued to hold this position until he opened his own law practice in 1984. In 1981, Markham was elected mayor and in 1983 he was reelected. After his defeat in 1985, Markham attempted to be elected as a senator, but was defeated again.
Condition Notes: Unprocessed parts of this collection include audio reels held in the NC Office.
Organization of Collection: 1. Political Materials
1.1  Campaign Materials
1.2  Issues files
1.3  Misc. topics as mayor
2. Academic and Professional Career
3. Phi Delta Theta
3.1  “Phi’s of the 40s Reunion”
3.2  Phi Delta Theta Endowment Fund
3.3  Misc. materials of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity
4. Personal and family materials
4.1 Clippings
4.1.1        Clippings collected by Markham
4.1.2        Clippings of Sarah Markham
4.2  Materials related directly to Charles Markham, Sr.
4.3  Materials related directly to Sarah Markham
4.4  Materials related to Eleanor Markham
4.5  Letters sent to Lina Mallory Hackney
4.6  Letters sent to Sadie Hackney Markham
4.7  Letters to miscellaneous individuals connected to the Markham family
4.8  Genealogical Research
4.9  Documents of memorial to individuals
4.10 Misc. personal materials
4.10.1 Ephemera not included with letters
4.10.2 Personal Letters of Mayor Markham
Restrictions: Folder 239 is not available for public viewing at this time.
Container List: Political Materials
These papers relate directly to Markham’s political interests and activities between 1977 and 1986. Clippings, letters, and reports reflect Markham’s dedication to Durham’s politics and individuals actively involved in the community. These cover the elections of 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985 and this senate campaign of 1986. Also, papers address city planning activities such as the Durham Community Arts Center, the Durham Civic Center, and Economic Development Efforts documents.
1.1  Campaign Materials
Markham had a special interest in the political scene of Durham starting in 1977. This series concentrates mainly on his campaigning activities of 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985 and 1986. Included are clippings, letters, and advertisements that display the actions Markham took to winning a position in Durham’s political arena and the support her received from family, friends and the citizens of Durham.
Folder Date Items
1 August 14, 1977, 1979 and undated. Misc. materials (clippings, letters, one photograph, and notes) about Markham’s City Council campaign of 1979.
2 Sept. 1979-Nov. 1979. 2 packs of photocopies of articles concerning Markham’s campaign for city council in 1979 including articles on the defeat; one letter concerning the recount at one location.
3 Aug. 31, 1979-Sept. 11, 1979. Clippings related to the time of Markham’s campaign of 1979.
4 Nov. 4, 1981, and undated. Clippings related to the candidates running in the 1979 mayoral race.
5 Oct. 7, 1981-Nov. 12, 1981. Markham Mayoral Campaign of 1981 (letters, clippings and one photograph).
6 Oct. 21, 1981-Nov. 5, 1981. Congratulatory letters on the election (some with copies of acknowledgement from Markham).
7 Nov. 4, 1981. Congratulatory letters on the election (some with copies of acknowledgement from Markham).
8 Nov. 6-Nov. 12, 1981. Congratulatory letters on the election (some with copies of acknowledgement from Markham).
9 Nov. 13, 1981- Nov. 20, 1981. Congratulatory letters on the election (some with copies of acknowledgement from Markham).
10 Dec. 1981 and undated. Congratulatory letters on the election (some with copies of acknowledgement from Markham).
11 Undated. Markham’s Mayoral Campaign of 1983 (letters, phone instructions, and leaflets).
12 Nov. 9, 1983-Nov. 18, 1983. Congratulatory letters on re-election.
13 Nov. 19, 1983- Nov. 28, 1983; undated. Congratulatory letters on re-election.
14 Nov. 9-Dec. 12, 1983. Congratulatory letters on re-election.
15 Aug. 21, 1985-Nov. 29, 1985, and undated. Clippings related to the mayoral campaign of 1985.
16 Nov. 6-Feb. 15, 1985. 1985 Post election defeat correspondence.
17 June 27, 1986-Sept. 5, 1986. Clippings and photograph related to Markham’s Senate Campaign of 1986.
Items separated include: The gavel given to Markham reading: “Presented with Appreciation to Charles Markham, Mayor; City of Durham; December 7, 1981- December 2, 1985.” (Box 12)
1.2 Issues files
Files in this section speak to issues that Markham handled or addressed during his time in office. The Durham Civic Center Complex, the Durham Community Arts Center, and the Watershed controversy are all discussed in these papers. Letters, clippings and reports convey information about Markham’s attitude and actions on these topics.
Folder Date Items
18 June 29, 1981-June 21, 1984. Letters, clippings and documents on the Civic Center (and the business participants).
19 Oct. 20, 1983- Jan. 25, 1985. Official report for the Civic Center Complex (Feb. 27, 1984); clippings related to that project.
20 March 5, 1984. Durham Civic Center Complex Recommendation.
21 October 31, 1983-Nov. 1, 1930 and undated. Documents concerning the benefits of the Chamber’s Economic Development Department (agendas, sheets, and bound report; short report from the Citizens’ Committee on Transit).
22 Oct. 27, 1983- Oct. 29, 1983 and undated. Letters and clipping concerning speech given by Rev. Jesse Jackson.
23 Nov. 2, 1983-Feb. 20, 1984. Summaries presented to the City Council on the Durham Community Arts Center.
24 March 1, 1984- April 12, 1984. Economic Development Efforts documents.
25 Sept. 7, 1984. Watershed Issue letters.
26 June 1984. Historic Property form (for Durham Courthouse).
Items separated include: A large folder containing the North Central Durham Plan (Feb. 1984). (Box 11) The certificate for the Award for National Excellence for Markham’s role in the Home Improvement Load Program (signed by Ronald Reagan). (Box 9)
1.3 Misc. papers
Speeches, letters and reports document the actions Markham took as mayor, and support given to him during that period of time.
Folder Date Items
27 Jan. 4, 1981-Nov. 25, 1985. Misc. Speeches, and public affairs: letters, clippings and one photograph related to events Markham spoke at (either for campaign or as mayor).
28 Dec. 7, 1981. City Council Agenda.
29A Dec. 22, 1981-Oct. 17, 1984. Letters sent to Markham.
29 B Jan. 21, 1985- Nov. 11, 1985. Letters sent to Markham.
29 C May 12, 1983-Sept. 14, 1984. Responses from Markham as mayor.
30 April 7, 1982-Dec. 19, 1985. Letters of appreciation for public appearances by Markham.
31 Aug. 27, 1982. Chamber of Commerce advertising the sale of voters phone numbers.
32 Feb. 28, 1983-March 15, 1983. Letters of Congratulations for making Durham an “All American City”; clippings also.
33 5-Apr-83. Letter and photograph from Senator Tim Valentine.
34 June 18, 1984- June 27, 1984. Award for national excellence from the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development; letters and travel arrangements.
35 Nov. 8-12 1984. 2 letters from Kazuo Watanabe including 3 photographs.
36 Sept. 28, 1985-Oct. 7, 1985. Inauguration of H. Keith H. Brodie at Duke University as president (2 programs and six letters).
Items separated include: A scrapbook containing packets of photocopies of articles for campaign promotion; clippings and advertisements taken out for the 1986 Senatorial Campaign; and misc. bulletins; “State of the City Report” March 4, 1986. The compiler of this scrapbook was probably one of Markham’s sisters. (Box 10)
2. Academic and Professional Career
Before and during Markham’s time as mayor, he worked in the law profession and other various jobs at universities and on committees. The letters and documents in this series reflect his time in those professions. Also included are items related to his time as a college student at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Folder Date Items
37 June 20, 1944, Sept. 18, 1973. Letter from the Herald Sun allowing Markham to represent them, (1973) Agenda and organizational articles on Durham Republican Party.
38 March 13, 1946 and undated. Items associated with Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill.
39 June 18, 1946. Duke document (room reservation slip).
40 1947 Duke University Graduation Program and “Lower of the Flag program”.
41 August 11, 1953- April 22, 1954; undated. Letters and petitions for Markham to take the bar exam in 1954.
42 June 26, 1959- Feb. 21, 1962; undated. Misc. Letters concerning the practice of law in New York.
43 April 4, 1964. Letter on meeting of a Public Housing Development project.
44 Sept. 21, 1964. Protest of the Conduct of the Urban Redevelopment and Public Housing Authorities.
45 Dec. 12, 1965-March 27, 1968, and undated. Equal Opportunity Commission letters.
46 Jan. 18, 1966-May 27, 1967. Commissioner’s work: folder one (letters, clippings, documents, etc.).
47 June 1967- Feb. 1968. Commissioner’s work: folder two (letters, documents, etc.).
48 Sept. 26, 1976. Letter concerning Markham leaving Rutgers University.
49 March 3, 1980- March 17, 1980. Recommendations for Markham to take the NC Bar exam; includes one response from Markham.
50 May 25, 1980- May 14, 1981. Law Publication (letters and notes).
51 Jan. 11, 1982. Letter saying that Markham had been promoted to full professor at NCCU.
52 July 1982. Brief of the lawsuit again Duke Power Company, letter concerning the brief by Markham.
53 1983-1989. Who’s who certificates.
54 July 2, 1984-July 9, 1984. Congratulatory letters on opening law practice.
55 July 9-10, 1984. Congratulatory letters on opening law practice.
56 July 10-12, 1984. Congratulatory letters on opening law practice.
57 July 12-17, 1984. Congratulatory letters on opening law practice.
58 July 20-26 1984; and undated. Congratulatory letters on opening law practice.
59 July 24, 1984-Sept. 4, 1984. Letters of law office.
60 August 1984-Jan. 1994. Misc. items mainly relating to the practice of law.
61 1985 Agenda book.
62 Oct. 30, 1985- Dec. 11, 1986. Governor’ Crime Commission letters.
63 Dec. 12, 1986. Worker’s Compensation School Certificate.
64 June 1992. Deputy Commissioner evaluation form.
65 April 2, 1998-March 17, 1999. Correspondence for the Theodore Kheel manuscript and notes.
66 Undated. General biography of Markham and photocopies of articles Markham wrote between 1964 and 1979 that were published, and a copy of his birth certificate.
3. Phi Delta Theta
During Markham’s time at Duke University, he became a brother in the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. Letters from the 1940s include those from other brothers fighting in WWII abroad. The bulk of the materials related to a reunion, and the endowment fund that Markham helped to organize.
3.1 “Phi’s of the 40s Reunion”
The “Phi’s of the 40s Reunion” material has been kept in the original order that Markham prepared. The preparation materials include catering information, hotel accommodations and other items to design the set-up of the reunion. The biographical sketches and pre-registration forms include information on brothers who attended the reunion. A pin is included with the documents given to members attending the reunion (folder 196).
Folder Date Items
67 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” preparation materials (1).
68 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” preparation materials (2).
69 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” preparation materials (3).
70 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” Biographical sketches (Alexander-Gable).
71 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” Biographical sketches (Gardner-Miller).
72 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” Biographical sketches (Noel-Zoeller).
73 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” Preregistration forms (Abbott-James).
74 1996 “Phis of the 40’s” Preregistration forms (Landon-Younger).
3.2  Phi Delta Theta Endowment Fund
The Phi Delta Theta Endowment Fund helped to raise money for the fraternity at Duke University. These files include letters sent to brothers to help raise money and summaries of the status of the endowment’s progress.
Folder Date Items
75 July 1, 1994-June 18, 1997. Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (letters and notes).
76 Sept. 12-June 8, 1995 Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (letters of collecting and roster information).
77 April 1, 1999-Aug. 11, 2000. Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (letters and drafts).
78 2000 Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (misc. items, letters, roster lists and addresses).
79 Aug. 14, 2000-Feb. 2, 2001. Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (status of members, updates).
80 Aug. 14, 2000-Feb. 2, 2001. Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (updates, and letters).
81 March 6-Dec. 25, 2001. Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (letters, money issues, and misc.).
82 Aug. 15, 2001. Phi Delta Theta Endowment fund (update).
3.3 Misc. materials of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity
Letters, newsletters and one certificate are included in this collection. Of special note are the letters sent to Markham during WWII. These include commentary on the war from Phi Delta Theta brothers who were fighting around the world.
Folder Date Items
83 March 25, 1943. Phi Delta Theta, Golden Legion Certificate.
84 Sept. 3, 1945- August 27, 1983. Phi Delta Theta letters, and misc. items (included are some WWII letters).
85 Spring 1995 edition-Spring 1996. Phi Delta Theta newsletter, letter about the directory and phone lists.
Items separated include: A Phi Delta Notebook, Aug. 15, 1945-Oct. 1996, which includes photocopied articles about members, alumni newsletter, booklet for Duke Alumni Reunion 1996, “Phis of the Forties” booklet, and additional memorabilia. (Box 11) An album of Phi Delt Photos, taken in the spring of 1945. The Courtesy of John Lentz, this album has seven small photographs, and names are given for individuals in the photographs. (Box 11)
4. Personal and family materials
The Markham family stayed very close and in touch through the decades. Personal letters, clippings and papers of Markham, his sister Sarah and his father Charles Markham, Sr., are included. The clippings vary from topics such as Markham himself, to city issues, historic landmarks, and recipes.
4.1. Clippings
4.1.1 Mayor Markham’s Clippings
These clippings come mainly from the Durham Herald, or the Durham Morning Herald. Some of the clips are undated, but the majority have the date included somewhere on the article. Topics collected on here are Markham’s actions as mayor, Durham neighborhood services, and organizations that Markham participated in.
Folder Date Items
86 March 1, 1967- Sept. 11, 1976. Clippings and articles include political issues.
87 May 30, 1971-Oct. 7, 1984, and undated. Clippings of historic landmarks (mainly hotels).
88 Sept. 26, 1979-Jan. 26, 1982. Misc. Clippings.
89 April 27, 1982- Aug. 8, 1983. Misc. Clippings.
90 Oct. 27, 1983-Oct. 26, 1984 and undated. Misc. Clippings.
91 Jun. 6, 1989- Jan. 29, 1993. Clippings on Durham neighborhood revitalization and trash pick up service.
91 B June 1995. Misc. Clippings.
92 May 4, 1995-Jan. 25, 1999. Misc. clippings on natural areas, historic sites, and well known individuals in Durham.
93 1998-1999. Misc. clippings from folder originally “Personal Interest Clips”.
94 Jan. 26-May 8, 1999. Misc. clippings.
95 May 11-Aug. 27, 1999. Misc. clippings.
96 Sept. 12, 1999-Sept 23, 2000. Misc. clippings.
97 Undated. Misc. clippings related to the Markham family.
Items separated include: Newspapers, full issues or sections, were retained by family members. It is not clear who saved these, but they include The North Carolina Anvil, the Carolina Times, the Durham Herald Sun, and the News and Observer. The dates are not continuous, but they date from 1977-2000. (Box 8)
4.1.2 Sarah Markham Clippings
These clippings are largely undated but available dates range between 1963 and 1995. Clippings originate from the New York Times, The Durham Herald, The Mount Sinai Medical Center News and The Christian Science Monitor. Subjects covered in the clippings include historic homes, successful women, cooking, and her brother’s political career.
Folder Date Items
98 1963-1995 and undated. Misc. clippings.
99 1963-1995 and undated. Misc. clippings.
100 1963-1995 and undated. Misc. clippings.
101 1963-1995 and undated. Misc. clippings.
102 1963-1995 and undated. Misc. clippings.
103 1963-1995 and undated. Misc. clippings.
4.2 Charles Markham, Sr. Papers
Clippings, reports and misc. items relate to activities completed by Charles Markham, Sr. The time period includes work done at Duke University and First Baptist Church. Also included are materials discussing the death of Charles Markham, Sr., in 1955. Note that some of the folder numbers are out of sequence because of the order of processing.
Folder Date Items
104 Nov. 9, 1932; Nov. 28, 1932; Dec. 11, 1932; and April 11, 1948. Letter from the University Division Chairman for the American Red Cross asking for membership and donations. Attached is a list of activities that the Red Cross performed the previous year. Also attached is a membership card. Letter from J.G. Hood from the West Virginia Coal Company. Letter on insurance policy. Hotel Bill for Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham, AL.
105 April 26, 1948; March 21, 1949; and March 31, 1949. Letter from Sadie Markham. Letter from Eleanor Markham. Letter from W.T. Ingram (President of the Southern Association of College and University Business Officers) concerning a meeting at Berea College. Copy of the conference program.
106 April 11, 1949; April 21, 1949; April 23, 1949; April 25, 1949; and May 1, 1949. Confirmation of his plans to the conference. Receipt for the purchase of a car. Information on the conference. Business manager from Emory wanted to meet and swap financial ideas. Train ticket stubs to NY.
107 Jan. 26, 1950; Feb. 17, 1950; March 27, 1950; April 12, 1950; and undated. Letter from R.A. Parham. Letter concerning a load being paid off. Letter acknowledging the large gift that Markham gave to the Loyalty Fund at Duke University. Letter concerning a vacation to visit friends. Cards for donations to the church.
108 April 1948-March 1950. Duke Univ. Endowment Security Sheets (letters and financial statements).
109 April 1948-Sept. 30, 1949 and undated. First Baptist Church (budget statements, newsletters, programs and misc. items).
110 Dec. 6, 1955-Dec. 10, 1955. Notice of death of Charles Markham’s father.
4.3 Sarah Markham Papers
Two folders include letters written to Sarah Markham, a note from her brother, and some church papers. Several photographs found in envelopes addressed to Sarah Markham depict unknown individuals that might have been close to the family. These are undated and it is difficult to tell when or where they were taken. Her scrapbooks reflect her involvement in her family and her community containing information on her siblings, cultural institutions and church matters.
Folder Date Items
111 Dec. 17, 1955; Feb. 16, 1962; Feb. 20, 1962; March 31, 1988; July 4, 1972; June 8, 1973; and undated. Papers associated with Sarah Markham. Two letters from friends Zelma and Reba. Also are included two dated envelopes containing photographs of unknown individuals.
112 Oct. 18, 1985- Oct. 27, 1985. Sarah Markham’s material for St. Philip’s church.
Items separated include: A scrapbook, 1980-1982 and undated, containing clippings on Markham, recipes, school related individuals, and the library. (Box 11) A small book on St. Philips Episcopal Church published in 1992. (Box 11) A scrapbook containing letters and misc. brochures largely from the mid-1980s. (Box 9)
4.4 Eleanor Markham Papers
These folders contain letter sent to, or concerning, Eleanor Markham. The majority of the letters concern involvement in the Sigma Pi Sigma Fraternity at Duke University or academic information in general.
Folder Date Items
113 April 25, 1932; June 1, 1932; June 15, 1932; and Oct. 7, 1932. Letter of evaluation of an officer in the Sigma Pi Sigma Fraternity. Eleanor’s grade summary at the Duke University. Letter from her aunt Louise concerning clothing that was being sent to Eleanor at camp. Invitation to join Sigma Pi Sigma Fraternity.
114 Oct. 21, 1932; Nov. 15, 1932; Dec. 3, 1932; Feb. 21, 1933; March 9, 1933; and May 26, 1933. Letter concerning an honors students meeting. Formal invitation to join Sigma Pi Sigma Fraternity. Formally introduced into the fraternity. Note from a friend about class. Announcement for a Sigma Pi Sigma meeting. List of questions for a course from A.O. Hudson.
115 April 24, 1933; and June 1933; June 9, 1933; Oct. 16, 1933; Nov. 15, 1933; April 9, 1934; undated; Sept. 22, 1934; June 8, 1938; and April 18, 1934. Pi Mu Epsilon meeting announcement. Grade summary. Letter from a friend “Beth.” Accepted into the Delta Phi Alpha Fraternity. Delta Phi Alpha party announcement. Letter about receiving diploma. Invitation to join the American Association of University Women (includes small brochure). Letter from friend studying abroad. Class schedule for 1934. Columbia University received her application for graduate school.
4.5 Letters sent to Lina Mallory Hackney
This series includes many letters written by Edward C. Hackney to Lina Mallory during the early 1880s. These were Mayor Markham’s maternal grandparents who lived in the Durham area in the late 19th century. The letters mainly center on their romantic involvement prior to marriage. One letter is sent from a Lucy C. Mallory. Some of the letters were composed on stationary with the letterhead of the Recorder and N.C. Tobacco Journal where E.C. Hackney was one of the editors. Mayor Markham arranged a portion of the letters into envelopes with dates and abbreviated notes on the content of the letter or the location of the individual. Those notes are included on the folders.
Folder Date Items
116 Undated. Four letters written during the courtship.
117 Undated. Four letters written during the courtship.
118 Undated. Four letters written during the courtship.
119 Undated. Four letters written during the courtship.
120 Undated. Five letters written during the courtship.
121 Oct. 3, 1882. One love letter from E.C. Hackney to Lina Mallory.
122 May 19, 1908. Letters on when they will meet, who is sick and day to day business. Also one letter from Lucy C. Mallory to Lina Hackney.
123 June 5, 1882; and undated. Letter from E.C. Hackney to “Miss Alice.” Other letters relate to the couple seeing one another and having a picture taken of Lina.
124 Undated. Two letters written during the courtship.
125 Undated. Four letters written during the courtship.
4.6 Letters sent to Sadie Hackney Markham
These letters are mainly comprised of love letters sent by C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney while they were courting at the turn of the 19th century. This includes the time while he was finishing his education at Duke University. Other letters include those sent by her son in the early 1950s. Also there are two letters addressing a conflict that occurred at a camp in Mt. Vernon Springs. Again in this serious, notes or arrangements provided by Mayor Markham were are noted on folders in this series.
Folder Date Items
126 Oct. 9, 1901; Nov. 18, 1901; March 31, 1902; and Jan. 8, 1902. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
127 Jan. 12, 1901; July 4, 1903; Dec. 21, 1902; and Aug. 10, 1906. Letters concerning C.B. Markham’s illness and issues at school.
128 Sept. 15, 1902; July 3, 1902; Oct. 19, 1902 Letter about illness. Mainly love letters.
129 Aug. 2, 1906; June 23, 1902; July 9, 1907; and June 27, 1903. Love letters.
130 Feb. 11, 1903; July 14, 1908; July 10, 1903; and Jan. 19, 1908. C.B. Markham is in NY in 1908 doing summer school and on a trip to Greensboro, NC.
131 July 5, 1908; June 20, 1904; June 28, 1901; Oct. 11, 1902; and Jan 12, 1908. C.B. Markham is in NY in 1908 doing summer school. In 1904, Sadie’s mother is ill and he is concerned. In 1901, Sadie is having to hide the love notes he sends. While in NY, the couple had some problems and Markham is distraught on the subject.
132 July 18, 1907. Chief Woodall to Sadie Hackney about the camp at Mt. Vernon Springs.
133 Feb. 23, 1908; July 7, 1907; July 19, 1902; Dec. 9, 1902; and undated. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
134 Sept. 12, 1901. Love letter from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
135 March 19, 1902. Love letter from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
136 April 2, 1901; July 25, 1901; Aug. 10, 1901; Oct. 2, 1901; and March 16, 1902 . Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
137 May 28, 1902; July 17, 1902; Aug. 5, 1902; and Feb. 22, 1903. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
138 March 29, 1903; April 5, 1903; June 30, 1903; and Nov. 11, 1903. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
139 Aug. 10, 1904; Feb. 1, 1906; July 31, 1906; and Aug. 8, 1906. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
140 Aug. 13, 1906; Aug. 15, 1906; Feb. 5, 1908; and March 22, 1908. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
141 March 25, 1908; April 15, 1908; and July 5, 1908. Love letters from C.B. Markham to Sadie Hackney.
142 Sept. 5, 1951; and April 12, 1954. Discussion concerning Mayor Markham’s brother-in-law. How involved Mayor Markham was in dating women.
143 Undated. Two love letters.
144 June 14, 1901; July 16, 1901; Nov. 12, 1902; and Sept. 23, 1902. Four love letters.
145 Oct. 13, 1901; Nov. 3, 1901; Feb. 8, 1902; and Oct. 11, 1902. Four love letters.
146 June 22, 1903. One love letter.
147 June 2, 1907; Dec. 8, 1902; April 8, 1908; and Feb. 24, 1908. Four love letters.
4.7 Letters to miscellaneous individuals connected to the Markham family
These letters were sent to Dr. Blackwell Markham, Ms. Willis T. Brogden, John Markham and an unknown individual.
Folder Date Items
148 July 11, 1952 and Aug. 12, 1952; June 29, 1924; and June 7, 1951. Letters sent to Dr. Blackwell Markham (Cousin or uncle) mailed from South Carolina signed by an “M.” Letter sent to Mrs. Willis T. Brogden from a man of business in Durham. Letter on genealogy. It is not clear who this was sent to or from.
149 Dec. 3, 1920; and 1924. Letter sent to Ritta Greer through Eleanor Markham. The letter is from Ms. Greer’s relative concerning the suffrage movement in Philadelphia. Also a letter is included from 1924 on the opening and advertisings of a local store.
4.8 Genealogical Research
Charles Markham, sr. began inquiring into his genealogy by 1932. In the years since then, his children kept the materials intact and continued his work in the genealogy of the Markham family of Durham. Other notable family connections in the research include the Hackney family and the Carlton family.
Folder Date Items
150 1932 and undated. Genealogy inquires.
151 Undated. Genealogy notes for the family.
152 Undated. Genealogy notes for the family.
153 Undated. Genealogy notes for the family and includes a folder on the Carlton Branch of the family.
154 Feb. 8, 1935. Genealogy notes for the family.
155 1965 Genealogy letters and information concerning the Hackney family.
Items separated include: Two binders containing notes on the genealogy of this Markham family. Most likely they were completed by Charles Markham, Sr. (Box 11) Published book entitled “The Markhams in America: From 1790-1998.” (Box 11)
4.9 Memorials to individuals outside of the family
Clippings and pamphlets in this series document individuals who were important to the Markham family. Information includes who the individuals were and the date of their funerals.
Folder Date Items
156 Oct. 1982. Memorial information for Samuel C. Jackson.
157 Feb. 25, 1983. Memorial to Nancy Hanks (clippings and programs).
158 Oct. 1998. Memorial to Margret Yvonne Whisenton.
4.10  Misc. Personal Materials
4.10.1 Ephemera
Clippings, photographs, and misc. papers displaying daily activities of Markham and organizations he was a member of. These papers include class reunion information for Durham High School Class of 1942 and 1943 and Duke University Class of 1945. Also included are items on the Final Four Basketball Tournament, the Durham Rotary Club and the Historic Preservation club. Photographs include two images of Markham as a young man, many including unidentified individuals, or photographs that were sent with a letter.
Folder Date Items
159 1978 Letter discussing the Markham family dispute over property rights.
160 Feb. 1, 1982. Durham Rotary Bulletin.
161 1984-1994. Misc. brochures and documents mainly on historic homes.
162 Oct. 18, 1989 and 1991. Durham Hosiery Mill letters, notes, and articles.
163 Spring 1990, Spring 1992 and undated. Historic Preservation Newsletter issues and parts of issues.
164 1991, 1992, and 1999. Final Four Basketball information.
165 1992 and undated. Clippings and documents related to the Durham High School Class of 1942 and 1943 50th reunions.
166 Sept. 17, 1995. Duke Univ. Class of 1945 50th reunion (nametag, programs, agendas, attendee list and misc. items).
167 May 1999. First Union Bank Relocation (letters and articles).
168 1931- Jan. 21, 1961. Bowie horse races booklet, Catalogue of rare and out of print books and The Cadmus Book Shop Catalog.
169 1997-1999. Misc. financial groups.
170 Undated. Three photographs (one of which has a copy) of Markham as a young man and possibly a camp that he visited.
171 May 12, 1939; April 22, 1941. Junior Hi-Lights newspaper (Charles Markham in a school play); The Hi-Rocket (Markham on the winning team of the NC State Debate Championships).
172 1940s-1985. Misc. photographs, some are unidentified and others are attached to letters they were mailed with.
173 Undated. Four black and white photographs of unidentified individuals.
174 1995 3 color photographs of identified individuals.
175 and 176 Undated Ephemera such as clippings, handwritten notes, brochures, and torn pages from books.
Items separated include: A notebook containing clippings and photocopies of clippings concerning Markham, restaurants, recipes, and Civic Center Issues. Rotary Club Speech (May 10, 1982) and a letter sent out in the 1981 mayoral Campaign for endorsement are also included. (Box 9) A scrapbook, Dec. 9, 1981-March 7, 1986, that includes family photographs (1981-1982), clippings esp. about Durham as the All-American City and other misc. topics. (Box 10) A White box including a small notebook containing the funeral service book for Eleanor Markham; obituaries are also included (Jan 27, 2001). (Box 12) Oversized photographs of John Mallory (Markham’s great-grandfather) and Edward C. Hackney (Markham’s grandfather). These photographs reprints and they are undated for both the original date and the reprint date. (White sleeve in cabinet 16)
4.10.2    Personal letters
Letters and any other paper materials sent through the mail or delivered. These documents range from Markham’s education at Duke University to retirement. The bulk of the letter collection contains notes from Markham’s mother and sisters. Additional authors include fellow Duke Graduates and law associates. Due to the volume of the collection, detailed notes are not provided for all folders.
Folder Date Items
177 June-July 1941. Family members writing concerning Markham’s time at the Broadview Ranch in Lexington, VA.
178 July 1941. Broadview Ranch, cont.
179 July 1941. Broadview Ranch, cont.
180 August 1941, and Sept. 6, 1945. Misc. friends.
181 Jan. 1949. Markham in Washington, DC; Letter from Roy Baker concerning Markham leaving the Young Democrats; letter from friend Wayne Pennington.
182 Jan. 1949. Mainly letters from his mother.
183 Feb. 1949. Letters from fellow Duke Alums, Tom Fesperman and Ralph Gibson. Also included is the 1949 Young Democrat Clubs of North Carolina Handbook.
184 Feb.- March 1949. Ralph Gibson letter, Easter cards, and misc.
185 March-April 1949. Letters from his mother and one from Basil L. Whitener.
186 May 1949. Mainly letters from mother, one from Ralph Gibson and one from Carl Howard.
187 June-July 1949. Basil Whitener and mother
188 July 1949. Mainly letters from his mother.
189 Aug. 1949. Ralph Gibson, mother and sister. Included are postcards along with letters
190 Sept. 1949. Mother, Western Union from Roy Baker.
191 Sept. 1949-Oct. 1949. Mother, and unknown.
192 Nov. 1949-Dec. 1949. Misc. friends.
193 July and Nov. 1952. Mother and unknown author.
194 Oct. 1957-Nov. 1957. Patty Wolcott, mother, unknown
195 Nov. 1957-Dec. 1957. Letter from his mother, a wedding invitation, a postcard, and misc.
196 Jan. 1958. Invitation to social function, stocks update, and Harry Ashmore writing to return a “thank you” to Markham.
197 Feb. 1958-April 1958. Letters from Patty Wolcott, unknown, Markham’s mother, and sister Eleanor.
198 April 1958-June 1958. Mainly mother, some financial information letters, and a letter from Harry Ashmore concerning the Pulitzer.
199 June 4-24, 1958. Charles A. Dukes (director of Duke University- concerning Markham’s sister Sarah’s case against the school/hospital for firing her); unknown authors, and more family writing about Sarah’s case.
200 June 30-July 28, 1958. More on Sarah’s problems, letter from Dr. Dukes, Markham’s mother, and letter from an unknown individual.
201 August- Sept. 1958. Letters from his mother and unknown individual.
202 Sept. -Oct. 1958. Papers documenting some of the events around Sarah’s case sent by Eleanor. Other letters all from Markham’s mother.
203 Nov. 1958-Jan. 1959. Letters from unknown individual and Markham’s mother.
204 Jan.3-March 1960. Letters from Walter Cannon, unknown friend, and Markham’s mother. One letter contains newspaper clippings.
205 April 1959-May 1959. Letter from misc. friends, and letters from Markham’s mother.
206 June-August 12, 1959. Letter from Norman T. Byrnes, misc. friends, Markham’s mother and sister.
207 Aug. 20-31 1959. One Telegram, one letter from Patty Wolcott, one letter from Arson Welles and letters from misc. friends.
208 Sept. 4-Nov. 1959. Letters from Markham’s mother, birthday cards from relatives and one letter from Patty Wolcott.
209 Jan.- Feb. 17 1960. Letters from Markham’s mother and misc. friends.
210 March 1960. Letters mainly from Markham’s sister and mother.
211 April-May 1960. Letters from law acquaintances, letters including receipts, and several letters from Markham’s mother.
212 June 12-Sept. 8 1960. Letters from law acquaintances concerning the ABA Conference, and letters from Markham’s mother.
213 Sept. 9-Dec. 31, 1960. Letters from friends in the law, and Markham’s mother.
214 Jan 1961-July 1961. Letters from Markham’s mother, a wedding invitation, and letters from misc. friends.
215 July 1961. Letters from Markham’s mother, Patty Wolcott, and misc. friends. One clipping is included with these letters.
216 Aug.-Sept. 1961. Doctor, Mom, Sarah Markham, baby announcement, birthday card
217 Oct.- Dec. 1961. Letters from Markham’s mother, Carl Maas and misc. friends.
218 Jan.-March 1962. Letters from Markham’s mother and misc. friends.
219 March-June 1962. Cards and letters from Markham’s mother.
220 June 1962. Wedding invitations, and cards from Markham’s friends.
221 June-July 1962. One letter from Sally Stack, several from Markham’s mother, and one from Markham’s sister, Eleanor.
222 July-Aug. 1962. Letters from Markham’s mother, an invitation to “Meet Rosemary McGrath” (a candidate for the Republican Party to the NY State Assembly), and letters from misc. friends.
223 August-Sept. 1962. Letters from Markham’s mother, and several birthday cards from relatives.
224 Oct.-Dec. 1962. Letters from Markham’s mother, and misc. friends.
225 Jan.-Feb. 1963. A certificate of service to the “Spring Street Club.”
226 Sept. 1968 and 1969. Birthday cards from Markham’s mother, Eleanor and Sarah, and letters from misc. friends.
227 March 1973. Sympathy letters at the loss of Sadie Markham, Markham’s mother.
228 Sept. 22, 1977- Dec. 1980. Scattered letters from misc. friends providing updates on their lives.
229 Oct. 5, 1981-Oct. 28, 1983. Letters from misc. friends including two from Jo Hill Dobbins on a law case.
230 Oct. 31, 1983-July 2, 1986. Letters thanking Markham for taking particular actions, and one letter discussing Markham retiring from teaching Law.
231 May 31-June 13 1983 and undated; and July 8, 1983. Notes addressing Markham’s surgery in 1983. Forty additional cards to those that were kept have been removed. Those kept are either sent by a large group or included information aside from the surgery. One card is thanking him for helping to find her a job.
232 June 1984. Get well notes/cards for Markham’s second surgery.
233 Dec. 22, 1990 Packet sent in Dec. 1989 from Art Altman concerning life updates, career choices and some information on short stories.
234 Oct. 2, 1990-Sept. 29, 1992. Letters from friends describing their lives, and several letters from Jo Hill Dobbins.
235 March 14, 1991, and April 25, 1991. Two letters concerning the Markam home on Dillard Street in Durham.
236 Feb. 22, 1992, and April 17, 1992. Materials on trip Markham and Jo Hill Dobbins took to Paris.
237 Oct. 20, 1979 and undated. Letters that Markham wrote to a Mr. Watts Carr, Jr. and “Harris.”
238 Undated. Letters, ephemera and clippings sent to or acquired by Markham. Included is a card for Markham to visit the reserved gallery of the US Senate on August 25, 1959. A program for St. Episcopal Church, and unfinished letter begun by Markham and misc. other letters sent to him.


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