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The Heart of a Killer

The Heart of a Killer Jacie Burton Labeled a romance suspense (published by Mira by Harlequin) this story tells of brutal murder(s), secret lives, and obsessive love. Lots of violence. A reunion of the people involved in never -reported crime coincides with a copy-cat murder. Tough but beautiful men, emotionally damaged heroine, graphic sex, too […]

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Falling Together

Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos Six years ago Cat, Will and Pen left college and never touched bases with each other. Typical for college kid except these three were more than casual acquaintances – they were a self created family. The lack of contact has majorly affected Pen (Penelope) as she’d dealt with […]

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The Giver

With the YA dystopia craze at an all time high, I wanted to take it all the way back to one of the originals. I was rather unimpressed with Divergent and Hunger Games was pretty good. I had heard great things about The Giver and I”ll be darned if it didn’t disappoint. A very quick […]

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A Family of Poems

I have just finished both A Family of Poems and Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy. I bought these books for grandchildren, and after looking through them, I bought copies for myself. These books are beautifully illustrated by Jon J. Muth, and his illustrations make these books a pleasure to just look through. […]

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The Voice at the Back Door

The Voice at the Back Door Elizabeth Spenser a must read for me since I learned: The Pulitzer Prize jury voted this novel as winner of the 1957 Pulitzer Prize, but the award was refused by the board. What made it so controversial? – Mississippi’s political system, segregation, murder of black citizens, lost love, betrayal. […]

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The One and Only

This book sucked me in because it had a lot of dialogue and was easy to read. About 200 pages in, I realized where it was going (ok, it took me a while) and I hated that I was so invested that I had to finish. I can’t think of one good thing to say […]

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The Husband’s Secret

This is one of those books that you have to have some faith in. Get through the first 75 pages and if you’re still not into it, put it down. However, if you keep it up you won’t be disappointed. I really enjoyed the character development and all the twists and turns.I will add that […]

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Lost Lake

Lost Lake Sarah Addison Allen Very uplifting book –Same high quality in plot, characters, theme setting as previous books. When Eby announced she was selling Lost Lake—my heart stopped for a moment. Because Kate had just awaken from her mourning and needed Lost Lake – But you can trust Sarah Addison Allen to tell the […]

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