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internet icon Available from any computer with Internet access.
library card icon Available from any computer with a library card.
NC LIVE icon Available from any computer with a library card, provided by NC LIVE.
library building icon Available from any computer within a library building.

Pronunciator NC LIVE icon
Pronunciator is an online language-learning service that covers 75 languages, including English as a Second Language (ESL). Learn how to speak a foreign language with the help of pronunciation analysis, virtual coaches, simulated conversations, scored quizzes, and downloadable audio lessons and phrasebooks. Courses are designed for children and adults from beginners to advanced learners. More info…

Credo library card icon
Do you need a foreign language dictionary? Get dictionaries in nine different languages translated to English, including everyday language, business and legal terms. Click on “Language” after entering Credo to see the foreign language dictionaries.