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Author Archive | Summayah El Azzioui

Road to Tater Hill

Annie Winters’ whole family is anticipating the birth of her next brother/sister. Even though Annie’s dad is deployed to Germany, Annie feels comforted with thoughts that she will have another sibling. When the baby dies just after birth, the whole family is shaken. It doesn’t affect anyone as much as Annie’s mother. She begins to separate herself from everyone else. Annie feels like she is slowly losing her mother. To find closure, Annie makes a “rock baby” and even befriends recently released “murderer”, Miss Eliza McGee. Will the family reunite after this tragedy in the hills of North Carolina?

Outcasts United: The Story of a Refugee Soccer Team That Changed a Town

Luma Mufleh wants to prove her parents bake in Jordan that she can thrive independently in America. She opens up a buisness and does many things to try to prove herself in Atlanta, Georgia. Many refugees from war-torn countries and terroristic attacked countries are being relocated to Clarkson, G.A, just outside of Atlanta. The whole town’s population is white and many fear that the refugees will cause disruption. Many refugees are scared when they arrive and are just trying to settle. Little by little, Clarkson is transformed into an international globe. Many refugee boys play pick up games of soccer in the parking lots and when Luma hears about this she decides it’s time for a soccer team for refugee boys: THE FUGEES. This is a true story of a woman who tries to change the lives of many boys shaken by trauma. Can she do it?

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