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Author Archive | davina boison

Medusa the mean

I really enjoyed this book because it takes the original goddess and god stories and then make them enjoyable and entertaining to read. It also educates and entertains at the same time I recommend this book to everyone because it’s a great book part of an incredible series. I love that it’s very detailed so you know how each character such as Medusa is feeling. So the next time you go to a library definitely go check it out.

Rumor has it

I really enjoyed this book because it could make me cry and laugh at the same time and the interesting thing was two of the main characters thought the other person didn’t like them even though it was the total opposite. This book was super detailed and had a great story plot. The only thing I dislike about this book is that there’s no sequel that I know of. But overall I really admired this book and I recommend it to all young girls out there.

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