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Author Archive | Emerson Yuan

Out of my Mind

This book takes you through a life of a girl Melody,who has to live without talking. Her mind is like a photographic memory. She gets a special talking contraption and is qualified for a school team who sees that she is not as different as the others. She learns that living a life with a new delivery in the way and her parents dealing with her and her new sibling for setting up can be work. At the end, her parents don’t understand why she’s screaming and find out something not as pleasing. She figures out she could fit in and learn what other people learn with a special help from teachers, helpers, parents, and the people who love her and care for her. It’s all in one boom which can change your perspective of every person you see that’s possibly disabled.

The Missing

This book has a mystery of lost children kidnapped from the past of their unusual life. The story takes a few of the children with the help of Katherine and Jonah who left to help save their friend Chip from staying forever in the 15th century. This book is a 7 book series and they are all written by the same author who wrote Among the Hidden. The first book was a 2013-2014 Battle of the Books book. The story is very mysterious yet hard to believe, unpredictable, and shocking with the end and what’s next.

Hunger Games

There is a girl named ,Katiniss, who volunteered to take her sister’s place to win her life. While she was in there she met a boy named ,Peeta, who was sort of fighting together. They both fell in love with each other. They got to the point where they both had to fight together to save one another, because the person who worked for the arena felt bad for the two of them, so he changed the rules a little bit, so two people could win instead of one. They both won officially and lived together, they won the 74th annual hunger game. There were 13 districts but only the first 12 districts survived the war. The 12th district won.

Turtle in Paradise

This book is about one girl whose name is Turtle, and is leaving her mother due to her moms boss for her job. Turtle goes down to Curley Lane to live with her aunt and cousins. She learns how to help out at the house and she finds a job. The only catch is that at the end someone comes to visit her, but that’s not always what it seems to be in this case. She figures out tht her mamas boy ,Artie, isn’t what he seems to be. Its a good book with a sad ending. This book is realistic fiction for the olden days which it takes place in. The book is based o some real live people.

Spirit Animals

This book journeys through the magical world of Erdas. Four 11 year old kids Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and RollanĀ  are trying tho save Erdas from destruction. In the start the four kids discover a rare bond between themselves and an animal which gives them a special connection and power to save Erdas from falling to pieces. All found in different places and brought together as one, all see an opportunity to emerge the animals to fight as the four fallen beasts. The wolf, jaguar, panda, and falcon are what has brought them together. Fixing what has risen from the past and dark forces. The four animals and kids must band together for a dangerous quest to save their land. Their fate is set for that and they’re the only ones with the power to stop it.


This book is about a kid named Logan, who is taking after a family tradition to become a new candymaker. The thing is, there is a competition to who will win. 3 other children come to ” The Sweets ” (the candy shop name) to compete in the contest. There is a lot of perspective in this book and a big twist to the competition where they all should be competing in. A big shocker comes when the 4 of them enter. Here comes Daisy’s story, Logan’s story, Phillip’s story, and Miles’s story on why they’re doing the competition.

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