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A Walk to Remember

In a Coastal North Carolina small town in the mid 1990s, a popular boy from a rich background, Landon Carter, but troubled irresponsible group of students got busted for drowning a fellow student, he was assigned to do community service; which landed him in the High School’s Spring Play with Jamie Sullivan, the unfashionable, nerdy yet beautiful girl with an angel’s heart. They grow hesitantly closer than their previous relationship as old bonds are tested and new awareness are inspired. Will they be able to move on despite odds with Jamie blood Cancer, Leukemia.

Honeysuckle Summer

Leaving behind her abusive marriage with the minister, Raylene Hammond is grateful for best friends, the sweet magnolias. They took her in, sheltered her, and shielded her from her abusive husband, making the house her safe haven. Then, she met sheriff’s deputy Carter Collins, and suddenly her safe haven doesn’t feel quite safe.

Undeniably Yours

Bar owner Kevin Kowalski is used to women kissing a napkin with their phone number tossing it to him, but lately he’s more interested in settling down with a woman and creating his own family. ┬áHe’s attracted to a woman like Beth Hansen who fled on her wedding day, away from her rich parents and rich and noble husband-to-be. They met during a fight that happened in the bar.
Beth’s tending bar at Kevin’s brother wedding when she comes face-to-face with Kevin who she never thought she’d see again. She tries to keep her distance away from Kevin but, by last call, she can’t say no to his handsome body or to the invitation back to his room. Then she slips out before breakfast without leaving a note and carefully closes the door behind her( instructed by the sleep talking bar owner, Kevin) and, despite their precautions she found out she was pregnant. What will she do? Will she return back to Kevin or run away from the city again?

Finding the dream

Eighteen-year-old Laura Temple-ton, daughter of the rich Temple-ton worldwide hoteliers, dreamed the ideal of happy, loving marriage with Peter Ridge-way. Twelve years later, her dream shattered when Peter betrayed her by cheating with his secretary, Laura is now a divorced mother with two beautiful girls, Allison and Kayla, she spent most of her days working two jobs to support her children in order to decline the temple-ton money. A partner in Pretenses, the glamorous second hand boutique she runs with her friend Margo, the housekeeper daughter, and her adoptive orphaned sister Kate, Laura struggles her days with the skill in working in a shop and precision of a conjurer in the temple-ton hotel. Then, Josh (Laura’s older brother) best friend, Michael Fury returns home to breed horses in his mother’s home, but unfortunately the horse was blown away, he was only able to save his horses. He had to live in the temple-ton’s house for the course of time which re-hashes his old feelings for Laura. Laura discovers the first stirrings of a passion that defies her to dream again.

The Summer I Found you

Kate’s perfect boyfriend, Shelton, couldn’t find a worse time to dump her for a cheerleader, Tamara: ever since she found out she had diabetes that summer, she has been trying to live a normal life and expect everyone to treat her the normal way. Aidan planned on being a lifer in the army, he went straight out of high school to Afghanistan. Now, he is the one arm guy who is trying to live normal again after the terrible bombing that made him lose one of his hand. He wishes he could forget the event and move right back to the army. When Kate and Aidan met, nothing could be more awkward, neither of them wants to get attached than use each other as distraction. But what if what they have is more than distraction, will they realize it before its too late?

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