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Author Archive | Jairo Morales

the ghost of the tokaido inn

The ghost of the TokaidoIinn is about a boy called Sieke. He dreams to be a samurai, while he is a tea merchant’s son. After he sees a ghost at an inn he was staying in, a jewel is stolen. Then he serves as a witness for the judge, Judge Ocka. Then he has to use all he has learned to finish the case.  In the end he turns into an actual samurai.

the red pyramid

The red pyramid is a story about two kids, Carter and Salie Cane, who both got separated when they were younger. They get dragged with their father ( an egyptologist ) and go on an adventure to stop the evil egyptian god Set from distroying north america. Later in the story there father gets captured and they stay with there uncle. As the adventure goes on they both meet friends and foes.

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