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jasmine the jewel orchard

this book is different from the movie alladin. jasmine’s dad asked for a big dinner, but they were all out of fruit! Jasmine discovers that all the fruit is being turned into jewels. Even the water fountain! Jasmine found magic dust that turned everything into jewles. So, Jasmine made her own dust and saved the all the fruit and her dad was able to have his big breakfast!

Rainbow Magic ; Shannon the Ocean Fairy

I like this series. It is easy to read. Shannon is the ocean fairy. She is on a mission to figure out what happened to all the ocean pearls. Jack Frost told the goblins to hide all the pearls, so the fairies world would drown. Without the pearls they were in trouble. In the end the fairies saved the day and celebrated with the two human girls who helped in the adventure.

Magic Tree House #28 High Tide in Hawaii

I like the Tree House series. I have read two other books in this series. I read this book in one hour, it was really fun to go on the adventure with Annie and Jack. Jack was learning how to surf. I love the ocean, just like he did. They got to see other people who lived in Hawaii and taught them knew words. I’m learning Spanish, so this book was a lot like me. I am excited to read my next book in this series. We are going to the Durham Public Library tomorrow, I am so excited to pick out my next book!

Rainbow Magic The Music Fairy : Poppy the Piano Fairy

I like the rainbow magic series because it has fairies in it. In this book, there is a piano fairy. She plays the piano and so do I. In this story, the piano fairy goes on an adventure with two humans who turn into fairies. They come just in time, there is a mean goblin who is stealing all the instruments. The humans help her by returning to the human world to save all the musical instruments from the goblin. The book has a good ending, they are able to save the instruments and they humans make it back home safe. This was a good book.

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