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Author Archive | julia jackson

Beauty and the Beaks, A Turkey’s Cautionary Tale

The story takes place at the Chic Hen, a beauty place for chickens. The main characters are Beauty, Gladys, other chickens, and Lance, who’s really a turkey. At the beginning of the story Beauty owns a beauty shop. One day a turkey arrives at the farm and brags about being the only one invited to a feast. Beauty finds out that Lance IS the feast and she and the other chickens try to help him escape. Beauty ends up giving him an EXTREME makeover to keep him safe.

Salty Seagull A Tale Of An Old Salt

The setting is at the beach on Little Island. The main characters are Salty, Simon, Cindy and the sassy seagulls. At the beginning of the story the sassy birds thought that Salty was a bird brain. The sassy birds made fun of what Salty said. Simon and Cindy did not make fun of him. A hurricane came and the sassy birds didn’t listen to Salty about the storm, but then they saw that Salty was right. Then as Winter came it was getting colder and harder to find fish to eat. Salty showed them how to open clams by dropping them on the road, but they had to watch out for cars. Then a parking lot was made and there the birds could eat without cars. The sassy birds learned that Salty a smart bird and they never sassed Salty again.

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