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polar bears

It tells us about polar bears and how they are. it tells us about how they look and where they stay. polars bears have fur to keep them warm. they have to stay in a cool places. they eat other animals-they love seal which is their favorite thing to eat. I couldn’t be a polar bear because I dont like cold weather!

joseph the dreamer

This was about a person in the bible name joseph who had dreams. he had two dreams and the dream made him wake up and think. his first dream was him and his brothers were in a field picking wheats. the next dream was about his brother bowing down to him.


This book tells us about frogs. it tells us what they eat where they live and telling us about different frogs. frogs live everywhere except antarctica. they like any places that are wet. I really dont like frogs they just look so nasty to me.

party time

I love this book because this is a spongebob book and I love watching spongebob on tv! all the spongebob shows are my favorite. this book was about spongebob planning a birthday party for squidward, he plan the party because he broke squidward’s new clarinet.

one two tree

This was about different animals living in a tree. It was counting and it went up to the number ten. for an example it was one bird then two then then so on until it went to ten.


This was telling us about spiderman. He would fight the bad guys whenever he sees some. spiderman could climb on tree and climb up building. He was still in his house and he heard a noise and went out and was fighting the bad guys.


This was about us looking at difference animals. We was looking at an elephant, gorilla, dogs, zebra, and a monkey and other animals. It was telling us about how they are and where they stay.


I like this book. I like airplanes. This book was about a plane name dusty. he wanted to fly high like everyone else but he couldnt do it. his wing was bent and he couldn’t fly. Everyone help him because his plane wouldn’t fly. he ended up winning the race in the end thanks to everyone

oliva plays soccer

Oliva played soccer be she like to be different. the team had green and white but oliva had on a red uniform. She was a goalie. Olivia team had lost and everybody was blaming everyone else. i really like this story because I love sports.


This book was telling us about where dolphins live and how they eat and what they do. they live under the sea and river.river dolphins have poor eye sight. They eat fish. i like this book because I like learning about different animals

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