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the hunger games

The trakerjakers where really mad. They stung everyone including Peeta, but Glimmer{district 1} and a girl from district 5 they where stung the most. Everyone else went to the river. After that Katniss climbed down and saw the died body’s on the ground she decided to take there bags in case they had extra supplies. The girl in the bushes came out too, she looked very small and very shy. “What’s your name”? said Katniss. “My name is Rue” the girl said . To be continued……

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter

Although the book has some sardonic comments about tourists, it’s not as pointedly funny about South Florida as Hiaisson is. You have to like cats and she could skip a few of the times the sun is sparkling on the waters in the bay. Still it’s tightly plotted and well written, with likable characters and a reasonable back story. I will probably read the second book in the series.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days

The book is about boy named Gregory who is on summer break. His break started with video games and watching tv. His mom thought he needed to go outside more like go to the pool. Well he went with his best friend Rowley. They went to country pool.


Catherine has a brother with autism, and it´s really hard to keep up with him. That´s why she starts making up rules like “no toys in the fish tank” and “say excuse me after you burp” She also has some quotes for herself like “not everything worth keeping has to be useful”. This book is really funny and sad at the same time, because she wants to impress the new girl in town so they can be friends, but there is also this boy that goes to the occupational clinic with David, Catherine´s brother that she kind of likes even that he´s fiscally deformed, uses a wheelchair and is unable to speak. I found this book while participating in BOB (battle of the books). This story is sad and funny at the same time, I hope you enjoy it, because it´s a really good book.

Welcome to Summer Reading 2015

Summer Reading has ended for 2015. Thanks to everyone for participating. See you next year!

Summer Reading Survey

We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Summer Reading program.

This year, we had over 6,000 Summer Reading participants — our most ever! We also surpassed last year’s points total of 2.1 million with over 2.5 million points earned this year.

We’re already thinking about how we can make 2016’s Summer Reading program even better. If you participated this year, please take a moment to complete a short survey letting us know what you liked about the program and what we can improve upon.

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Grand Prize Winners

2015 Summer Reading grand prize winners have been announced. Winners will be contacted by DCL with information on how to claim their prize.

Children (0-5 years old)

LEGO Duplo: Nevaeh Naylor
Kindle Fire Kids Edition: Jules Levene

Children (6-11 years old)

Wii U: Miles Moore
iPod with iTunes Gift Card: Victor Maldonado

Teens (12-17 years old)

Playstation 4 with Games: Janissa McLamb

Target Gift Cards: Trevell Brown Jr, Ellis Harte, Noah Kirksey, Gianni Lacey-Howard, Hannah Oakley, Carson Preston, Tristan Robinson, Mikayla Sosbe

Walmart Gift Cards: Ben Bartnik, Mikayla Cotton, Christian Marshall, Elena Nealson, Paul Romaine, Destinee Wormack, Aditi Yadav, Caleb Yueh


iPad Mini: Susan Morrison

DPAC Gift Certificate: Tanner Lovelace


Durham County Library Summer Reading is made possible in part by the following library partners:

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