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The Gardens of the moon

I picked this book up after reading ” A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.” I wanted something that danced along the lines of that series. I actually googled ” books like game of thrones.” So this is the 1st book in the series of The Garden of the moon here are my thoughts!

pros: lots of plots, nice fantasy world, great characters. a long read!

cons: it was confusing at times, the dialogue isn’t great. It didn’t grab my attention at times and let you wonder without pulling you back. The description of people and places was off as far as the vocabulary used.

I say check it out, but be prepared this is not George R. R. Martin! Steven Erikson has a unique style that at 1st needs to get used to, but its worth it.

The Step sister scheme. A Four book series

This is a wonderful story about the princess we all know about snow white, Cinderella, sleeping beauty, red riding hood and mermaid princess. Instead of happy ending the three princess become friends and go on a dark and deadly adventure to save Cinderella’s husband. This book is aimed towards teens, but I did enjoy the complete series. The stepsister scheme, red hoods revenge, the mermaids madness, the snow queens shadow! For anyone who is looking for a great short series check these books out.

A Dance with Dragons

This book tell the rest of the cast tyrion, jon snow, daenerys, reek and more. Reading this after the “fest of crows” is refreshing! If you love Tyrion youll be happy with this book.

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