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steel drivin’ man john henry

This is the novel of the untold story of an American legend, John Henry. As an actual folk song, John Henry is about the mighty railroad man who could blast through rock faster than a steam drill. It tells how John Henry was victimized by Virginia’s notorious Black Codes and was forced to labor. His life and ballad is captured ferociously.

my first five husbands and the ones who got away

Rue was one of the great actresses of The Golden Girls and was amazing as Blanche. This is her amazing and triumphant autobiography really. As she details her encounters as a woman on a mission to find herself. And as she made it to husband number six she tells how a small town girl can make it big and things can get better with age. She is a star in her own right.

the smartest guys in the room

This insightful novel is based on the amazing rise and scandalous fall of Enron. It also includes the Enron trial and death of Ken Lay. It was one of the biggest and controversial business stories of our time. But is also crossed over into cultural phenomena. A great financial and personal story is a new thriller genre of sorts. Also a great referential index to all mentioned, Room is too bright of a book.

too busy to clean?

This hand held guide has over 500 tips and techniques to make housecleaning easier and could not be more helpful. It is great for the lazier at cleaning and lightens the load. Which is great to think of the hefty laundry loads! It helped me to evaluate and meet personal standards and make the most of what little time there is.

small sacrifices

This novel is an astonishing true story of passion and murder as lived by Diane Downs. Based off of actual events and inspiring a made for tv movie, this telling novel details the murders and attempted murder of Downs’ children. Allegedly Downs’ suffered from mental illness and the desire to make room for men in her life by sacrificing her children.

simple times, crafts for poor people

Crafts’ is a great book that is fun as well as funny. Not only is it colorful and bright, its witty and cute. It transports us back to a golden time when people really wore hand made sweaters and carved cooking utensils out of bark. Amy is too funny of an actress and takes a hilarious approach as well as appeal to the writing. A crafting under the influence chapter proves this oh so well.

the complete idiots guide to cooking pasta

This cooking guide has over 1,000 recipes of one of my favorite foods:pasta. It is a great hghlight for the kitchen. With tips on how to pick the perfect pasta shape and homemade pasta it is my go-to. It is also very helpful with alternatives like vegetarian dishes, seafood pastas, meat dishes, pasta soups and stir frys.

dictionary of the arts

This novel is a great general reference point for the arts in term of movements, terms and people from ancient art to world music. This reference is great in that it’s weaved as a seamless read. For instance, it goes from the origins of Aboriginal art to the function of a zoom lens. It is very comprehensive and interesting. Inclusive of dance, fashion, photograohy, theater, cinema and much more.

slaves in the family

This novel is a seething account of the Ball family. It recalls plantation memories all the way down to the familys’ genealogies. The novel is one of the kind that is mandatory reading for literate adults. Not only does it deal with the slave masters as well as the slaves themselves, it braids their past and present respectively.

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