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the story of doctor dolittle

There was ones a doctor who lived in a town called puddleby-on-the-marsh .
His name was doctor dolittle.Now he loved animals all of the time he was getting
weird pets.But the more he got the less money he made.For the animals drove
everyone away.So he gave up being doctor all together.So after that he was a vet.So the parrot taught him how to speak animal.One day the monkey chee-chee ran in and said that in Africa the monkeys were sick.They were dying in hundreds.
So they set sail.When they got there they went to the king.He how ever got mad.
So he locked him up.But the parrot tricked the king and he got out.when they were leaving again they were caught.But they got out again.After they got home ones more they made money.
the end.

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