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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library adults!

kiss me again

This book is about a girl who is in love with this guy and when they first kissed, it was love at first sight.  They decided to take things really slow and she does not know what to do anymore.  So she is still in love with him.

Mom & Me and Mom

This was a great book I read this with my boyfriend. Maya Angelou is a very inspiring person and it was interesting to learn about her life. It was an easy read and I would read it again.

Mom & Me and Mom

This book was very interested. It was surprising to hear Maya Angelous background and where she came from. No matter how successful people are you never know their initial struggle and how they progressed unless they tell you. It takes a lot of courage to talk about your life– the good and the bad. I respect Maya Angelou that much more after reading .


Today I read my first graphic novel and it was definitely touching. In the past I have browse some comic books, but have never been interested in reading or trying to decipher the pictures and words. I have always wondered what draws readers to this genre. This book really made you feel as though you were there during the lunch counter sit ins. We have read and seen so much on the struggle of Civil Rights and this is another great resource to help educate our youth of all races on the struggle.

Sherlock Holmes Vol. 1

Sherlock Holmes is a highly intelligent man. He notices details in situations that many would cast aside. He studies a great number of subjects to improve his knowledge. He is witty and sarcastic. The author uses a great number of words that are no longer or seldom-used today. I use a dictionary often and I do not mind because mysteries are intriguing! :)

Kill the Dutchman!: The Story of Dutch Schultz

Dutch Schultz died on October 24, 1935. He died in very much the same fashion as he had lived, violently. Of German-Jewish parentage, he was born “Arthur Flegenheimer” on August 6, 1901.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, as a New York City-area American mobster, Dutch Schultz made his fortune largely from bootlegging and numbers racketeering.
I think, “The Dutchman,” as Arthur Flegenheimer came to be known, was a psychopath. The term “psychopath” is usually used to describe a person that has crossed the line of moral behavior in a society. They’re the murderers, the school shooters, the manipulative cult leaders. They’re the ones mutilating animals just to see what happens. They’re also the ones that society views as a danger to others.
A psychopath is always a psychopath; genetic traits or chemical makeup causes the person to lack the ethics and empathy most of us have. Signs that something is not quite right with the person are generally visible from a very young age.
Dutch Schultz had once been a package thief and burglar, then a helper on a beer truck, then a sometime shooter for bootleggers, then a partner in a two-bit speakeasy in The Bronx, then the Beer Baron, then overlord of the Harlem policy racket, then Public Enemy Number 1 on the private list in J. Edgar Hoover’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (Paul Sann, 1991).
For the aspiring mobster, being a psychopath can be an asset to realizing career goals and maintaining the preferred status quo. But, sometimes, being a psychopath can also become a liability for the aspiring mobster and his criminal enterprise. Kill the Dutchman!: The Story of Dutch Schultz (October 1, 1991) is about the ways in which Arthur Flegenheimer’s criminal career aspirations helped him to rise and, ultimately, precipitated his fall, from power.
Arthur Flegenheimer’s psychopathology was an asset to his rise when a gangster named Joey Noe opened a speakeasy, the Hub Social Club, and hired him to work as a bouncer. It was an asset because it helped him to earn a reputation for brutality when he lost his temper. It was an asset because it caused Joey Noe to become impressed by his ruthlessness, Noe made the young Dutch Schultz a partner. Noe and Schultz soon opened more operations.
Arthur Flegenheimer’s psychopathology may be seen as an asset to his criminal ascension because it helped him to eliminate competitors. This contention is evident in the following scenario:
The Rock brothers, who already controlled an operation in the Bronx, refused to buy from Noe and Schultz. However, the Rock brothers underestimated the newcomers. Eventually, the elder brother, John Rock, agreed to cooperate, but younger brother Joe refused. One night the Noe-Schultz gang kidnapped him. They beat him and hung him by his thumbs from a meat hook and then allegedly wrapped a gauze bandage smeared with discharge from a gonorrhea infection over his eyes.[4] His family reportedly paid $35,000 and he was released. Shortly after his return, he went blind. From then on, the Noe-Schultz gang met little opposition as they expanded to control the beer supply for the entire Bronx (Wikipedia).
The Noe Schultz operation expanded and soon began to encroach on the territory of competitor Arnold Rothstein which was being handled by competitor Jack “Legs” Diamond. Noe was gunned down outside of the Chateau Madrid on 54th Street early in the morning of October 16, 1928. A few weeks after the Chateau Madrid ambush, Arnold Rothstein was found fatally wounded near a service entrance to the Park Central Hotel.
Arthur Flegenheimer’s psychopathology was an asset to his criminal career goals when he ordered the hit on Arnold Rothstein in retribution for the Chateau Madrid ambush on Joey Noe. It was an asset when, in the same effort, he orders the Jack “Legs” Diamond Hit.
Arthur Flegenheimer’s psychopathology was also an asset when, in February 1932, he ordered the hit on competitor Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll. The Schultz gang lured Coll into a trap. While Coll was talking in a drugstore phone booth, gunmen burst into the store and machine-gunned him to death.
Arthur Flegenheimer’s psychopathology was instrumental in the achievement of political “protection” for his mob. James Joseph “Jimmy” Hines (December 18, 1876 – March 26, 1957) “protected” the Dutch Schultz mob. A Democratic Party politician, Jimmy Hines wsa one of the most powerful leaders of Tammany Hall in New York City.
According to the Wikipedia,
In 1938, Hines was accused of being involved in the policy racket with Dutch Schultz (who was murdered in 1935) and Dixie Davis and of violating the “lottery laws”. Manhattan District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey would successfully get Hines convicted on 13 counts of racketeering. Hines provided protection for the policy racket in Harlem and other sections of New York. Hines was charged with influencing Magistrates Capshaw and Erwin to throw out policy cases in which the other conspirators had an interest, and to influence former District Attorney William C. Dodge to ‘go easy’ on policy prosecutions. Hines was alleged to have received a cut in the proceeds of the policy.
Dutch Schultz’s psychopathology became detrimental to the criminal enterprises of the Mob and, then to his longevity.
Dutch Schultz became a liability to the Mob when he asked permission to kill his enemy, U.S. Attorney Thomas Dewey before an emergency meeting of the National Mafia Commission. The majority of The Dutchman’s criminal peers were against. They argued against it on the basis that the full weight of the authorities would come down on them if they murdered Dewey. The National Mafia Commission voted unanimously against The Dutchman’s proposal.
Dutch Schultz became a liability to organized crime when he decided to disobey his criminal peers. Furious at the outcome of the vote; Schultz accused the National Mafia Commission of trying to steal his rackets and “feed him to the law.” After Schultz left in a rage, the National Commission decided finally to kill him in order to prevent the Dewey hit. The contract was given to Murder Incorporated which inturn assigned it to a team of hitman led by Charlie “Charlie The Bug” Workman. Paul Sann (October 1, 1991) tells us why the Dutch Schultz hit may be the most infamous of the Murder Incorporated homicides.

iPad for Boomers

Do you think you know everything there is the know about your iPad ? Well think again! This text is guaranteed to open your mind to new ways and techniques to use your iPad. I marvel at how much more knowledge I have about my iPad after reading – IPAD for BOOMERS! Although I have been an iPad user for 5plus years, I rarely use my computer at home! Knowledge is power- so empower yourself by reading and applying relevant information from this useful ” how to ” easy read .

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