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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library adults!

Between Silk and Cyanide

Written in 1998, the book is a memoir about the author’s experience as the 20-something code master for the British organization that recruited and supported agents in occupied Europe. He is still bemused by the organizational politics, in awe of both the courage and insight of the best members of SOE and of the absolute stupidity of the least useful members. The account of the difficulties of dealing with the infiltrated Dutch branch is a reminder of how complicated getting things right can be.

The Wizard of Oz

Most of us have seen the movie, but the book is an entirely different experience! Join Dorothy and her companions the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion as they make their way to the Emerald city to ask for help from the all powerful Wizard of Oz! However, the journey there will be filled with many dangerous adventures- the kind of adventures you won’t find in any movie! Whether you’re young or old or somewhere in between, this is a classic bit of literature everyone should read at least once in their lives!

The Revenant

Wow. This book is fantastic. Great wild west/ new frontier story about survival. Extremely graphic and bloody not recommended for young readers. A great window into what life was like for trappers trying to survive on the Missouri river battling conditions, indians, wildlife and bad people. Loved it.

Diary of a Teenage Girl Who I Am

This book is a diary of Caitlyn O’Conner’s life. It’s volume 3, and she is a senior of high school. In this book, she meets up with new troubles dealing with self-identity, sexuality, depression, and suicide. She makes new friends, some of whom become Christian, like her, and even help out with a big cultural fair she winds up chairman for! This book made me tear up several times, as did her other volumes that I have read so far, one and two, and I’m super excited to finish the series by reading volumes four and five. This is a must read for any teenager and adult. Through her crazy life, Caitlyn realizes more than anything that God is always there for her, and even when she doesn’t understand what he does, she soon realizes she was wrong and puts even more faith into God.


A different look at a figure which made me reconsider the time (1830 to 1860’s) when he grew up and how he played his life out. Ms. Brooks did a good job of helping me to experience the time and the difficulties. Slavery is not a simple issue so it is not surprising that the book took several twists and turns before ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

White Nights

White Nights is the second book in a series, and you have to read the first one first if you don’t want to be confused and annoyed as this book starts; you never really get a description of what the main characters look like, for example. It is set in the Shetland Islands at midsummer, and as a Yankee, I really related to the craziness of trying to soak up all the heat and light of the summer when you know the cold and dark of winter is coming.

Love Slave

Love the book. It’s about a girl that was born with a twin. Since the twin was the heiress for being the older mom Faber her more and just kept her around just in case the other one died and couldn’t follow her mom’s dreams for revenge. After the heiress got married she was sent to a church to be a nun. But there she got sold to be a slave….. and the story begins…

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a psychological thriller that involves a vengeful marriage, police intervention, and a surprising end. Traveling through Nick and Amy’s timeline gives readers insight into how the marriage ended in Amy’s disappearance. Overall, the book is unpredictable and keeps readers wanting more.

Holistic Pain Relief

Dr Tick explains the ways doctors prescribe pain medication for an ailment without taking others factors in consideration, such as the person’s lifestyle, are they active now or have been in the past. Most doctors, she went on to explain treat the symptoms of the pain, not finding the cause. Dr. Tick tells a pain suffer how they can eliminate or manager their pain through their diet, exercise and their habits.

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