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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library adults!

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris

In covering a century of visits to Paris, an author will have periods in which he’s not very interested in anyone “on camera” so the reading gets boring, but the portraits drawn of the artists, ambassadors and writers he likes are fascinating and well-drawn. I would like to know more about Mary Cassatt. Paris as a place goes in and out of focus, depending on what fits with the Americans he is writing about.

Don’t Let Me GO

This book had pretty complex characters, and that’s a rare thing I find in books lately. It was written in first person and I liked that because I think it is absolutely necessary when trying to get into Nate’s head. If I couldn’t I’d be just as confused as Adam, maybe even Luke. But omg! Danial! He’s was funny and understanding, I liked that he was just thrown in for diversity and that he had his own motivations and just… Ugh! This book was good, even though Nate got on my nerves sometimes because he’s not good at expressing his feelings. There wasn’t a real “plot”, not a story driven one anyway, it was more character driven and their history and overcoming that. I liked that they ACTUALLY struggled in their relationship, and got angry, and sad and felt things.

The Long Earth

I listened to this, and the narrator was excellent! The book was great as well. Terry Pratchett works his usual magic, moving us to a world almost like ours, but different enough to keep us on the edge of our seat. The combination of normalcy, old myths and legends, and a solid dose of sci-fi/fantasy makes for an intriguing read. The end leaves a definite taste of “Where’s the next book?”!

The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge and the World’s Greatest Piece of Cheese

Paterniti sometimes shows his background as a graduate of a creative writing program by using a $5 word where a $2 one would work better, but this is an enjoyable tale about trying to connect to an old rural Spain, with its sheep and wine and feuds and fields. It is also about how we weave and share stories to assert who we are, and where those stories sometimes keep us entangled.

Christmas Story

I really did enjoy reading this. She brought the birth of Jesus Christ to a understanding that anybody could relate to. She had the plot, the theme, the time, the setting, the characters, and the climax. I have read the scriptures but had not thought about it the way that it is presented in the book.

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