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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library adults!

the complete idiots guide to cooking pasta

This cooking guide has over 1,000 recipes of one of my favorite foods:pasta. It is a great hghlight for the kitchen. With tips on how to pick the perfect pasta shape and homemade pasta it is my go-to. It is also very helpful with alternatives like vegetarian dishes, seafood pastas, meat dishes, pasta soups and stir frys.

dictionary of the arts

This novel is a great general reference point for the arts in term of movements, terms and people from ancient art to world music. This reference is great in that it’s weaved as a seamless read. For instance, it goes from the origins of Aboriginal art to the function of a zoom lens. It is very comprehensive and interesting. Inclusive of dance, fashion, photograohy, theater, cinema and much more.

slaves in the family

This novel is a seething account of the Ball family. It recalls plantation memories all the way down to the familys’ genealogies. The novel is one of the kind that is mandatory reading for literate adults. Not only does it deal with the slave masters as well as the slaves themselves, it braids their past and present respectively.

More Than I CAN BEAR

This is definitely a good read for those individuals that are experiencing some struggles in their life.
This book helped me realized all of the trials and tribulations that I have gone through and it also confirmed in my heart that God will not put more on you than you can handle. He is there no matter what. Just remember to keep the faith and keep looking up.

The Holy Bible

I am reading the Holy Bible daily. Iam reading books in the old testament. I have read The book of Ruth. That Book was about a woman name Ruth that was a widowed daughter in law of Naomi. Once Ruth’s husband, brother in law and father in law died and or killed Naomi tells her daughter in laws to go back to their families and she was going to her homeland. Naomi’s daughter in law went home but the other one Ruth said I will go where you will go Naomi. Your God is my God, your home is my home. She follows Naomi to her homeland. They were very poor. She went to a field to pick up leftovers and the owner of the land saw her and asked about her and told his servants to be nice to her. They later became married and he saw how loyal she was to her mother in law. They had a son name Obed.

inside my heart choosing to live with passion and purpose

This self help book comes from Dr. Phil’s wife Robin and is very insightful on her part. She aims to get women excited and enthusiastic about their life and is successful. Your life is in the way you claim it. Robin’s emphasis on how we were put on Earth to enjoy lives of joy and abundance s clear. She shares her personal experiences in a way that is not about being overbearing, telling us how to live but spiritually useful.

the genius

This is a story of Ethan’s struggles in the art business. He finds the works of an elderly man named Victor which artwork by the barrel. The man was a genius but was hidden and acknowledged. He attempts to sell the art though no rightful claims belong to him. But it was all part of Victor’s shady past. And this novel draws on the existence of the morals necessary to manage our everyday lives. This is a great drama and suspense read that doesn’t necessarily leave you rooting for the right one.

between sisters

This is a really nice summer read. Meghann is the main character and she is just be typical heartbroken type. She deals with the loss of her sister Claire. She is a big deal as an attorney but is somewhat put off by love to say the least. She meets a man though that changes her mind. Her sister deals with falling in love for the first time and her ensuing wedding. They work to become a family again after twenty years amongst life’s other trials and obstacles.

the husband

This thrilling suspense novel is up my alley in reading. A story of kidnapping and ransom seeking criminals thrust a nightmare upon a simple man. Mitch is the husband in the story and he is just a gardener of modest means. He can’t just get to the kind of money asked for but he is insane with grief because he loves his wife. The story is so enthralling as Mitch is hysterical but deals to outsmart the criminals that want two million dollars to deliver his wife home alive.

lord of the flies

After having read this novel decades ago I was reminded of how beautiful it is written reading it again. The adventure of the lagoon with Piggy, Maurice and Ralph is terrifying and engages the story. The novel is very telling of the times it was published in how young people are through a maze of enthusiasm and wonderment. The gang gets hurt emotionally and physically though it is all encompassing with the character interactions.

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