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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library adults!

The Perfect Cruise

The author tells of different cruise lines reviews. He gives valuable tips for travelers from the standpoint of a cruiser rather than a travel agent working with a certain company. He takes much of the leg-work from researching particular cruise lines. This book is a must read for travel agents as well as cruise travelers!


A naughty read with a twist. A historical erotic novel that starts with a young woman being black mailed because her father is an erotic artist that can no longer draw. She takes over the family business in his stead. She finds a man that is willing to help her along the way. While seeking away to solve her problem she falls in love.

Ancillary Sword

Though this second book in Leckie’s space opera trilogy lacks the plot momentum of the first book, it still features the wonderfully complex character construction that seems to be this author’s hallmark. You can also rely on Leckie to expose social and racial (or, rather, inter-species) injustices and draw parallels between her artfully-constructed societies and our own. Recommended for anyone who likes compelling characters in exotic settings, but read the first book before finding this one.

The Farm

I loved it! It was an extremely suspenseful read without all of the gore that makes some of these mysteries so painful for me to read. I also loved the integration of the Swedish troll stories and the way the setting was a character. Thanks for the read Durham County Public Library!

The Rocks

This is a perfect summer read. A family saga set on an island off the Spain Coast with interesting places and characters. A sort of mystery as the story unfolds in a backward way. I was so glad I put it on hold after I read the good reviews. Love the library hold system.

Between Silk and Cyanide

Written in 1998, the book is a memoir about the author’s experience as the 20-something code master for the British organization that recruited and supported agents in occupied Europe. He is still bemused by the organizational politics, in awe of both the courage and insight of the best members of SOE and of the absolute stupidity of the least useful members. The account of the difficulties of dealing with the infiltrated Dutch branch is a reminder of how complicated getting things right can be.

The Wizard of Oz

Most of us have seen the movie, but the book is an entirely different experience! Join Dorothy and her companions the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion as they make their way to the Emerald city to ask for help from the all powerful Wizard of Oz! However, the journey there will be filled with many dangerous adventures- the kind of adventures you won’t find in any movie! Whether you’re young or old or somewhere in between, this is a classic bit of literature everyone should read at least once in their lives!

Batman Harvest Breed

Batman Harvest Breed is about Batman going after a killer that from his nightmares that is doing ritual sacrifices of people to open the gates of Hell so that spirits could enter the world forever. A girl named Luci Boudreaux was helping him to catch the killer. She came from Vietnam and there her father was given a gift to heal people. He searches the streets of Gotham guided by his dreams and wits. He was fighting evil spirits and demons as he tries to stop more murders from being commit. That may have been one of his greatest challenges too they do catch the killer, leaves the ending open to the readers’ imagination. The book was good and the end answered two questions. Who did it and why they did it. But more questions could come from that conclusion. It was a great book I give it a 9.4 out of 10. The read is quick and easy to follow. Any fan of the Dark Knight should pick it up and learn something new in the process.

The Revenant

Wow. This book is fantastic. Great wild west/ new frontier story about survival. Extremely graphic and bloody not recommended for young readers. A great window into what life was like for trappers trying to survive on the Missouri river battling conditions, indians, wildlife and bad people. Loved it.

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