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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Bad Unicorn

Well, all Max wants to do is play his online video games but he gets grounded and a book report happens to be due. While searching for a topic he comes across an old book of his, called The Codex of Infinite Knowability. Thus, he learns how to avoid a carnivorous unicorn called Princess The Destroyer, keep the Codex from the wrong hands, and save the world in the process.

Art lab for kids

I like this book because it is about art. It has crafts people can make. My favorite one is “The ark.” It is a really awesome painting. It has black buildings, yellow lights and green cars. I am going to try some of the projects. It has origami, paintings and print making. I’m going to do print making.


I like this book. I like airplanes. This book was about a plane name dusty. he wanted to fly high like everyone else but he couldnt do it. his wing was bent and he couldn’t fly. Everyone help him because his plane wouldn’t fly. he ended up winning the race in the end thanks to everyone


the book is about a boy that is named august but his mom and dad call him auggie. his sister name is via. august was home by school his mom. his mom and dad want’s august to school but august did not want to.

oliva plays soccer

Oliva played soccer be she like to be different. the team had green and white but oliva had on a red uniform. She was a goalie. Olivia team had lost and everybody was blaming everyone else. i really like this story because I love sports.

civil war on tuesday

Jack and Annie went to the Civil War. They had to find something to follow to rescue one of Morgan’s friends who was under a spell. Annie helped injured warriors. Jack passed glasses of water to the warriors. Annie gave bread and food to the warriors. One of the nurses gave Annie a piece of paper to follow. Then Jack and Annie helped warriors from the battlefield.

toy story

I like this book because is fuuny and crazy.this book is a fiction book i like this book. this book has a little bit of non-fiction too.

Turtle in Paradise

This book is about a girl named Turtle who had to go to Florida because someone her mom worked for did not like kids. When she got there Turtle met some kids named Beans, Buddy, Pork Chop and Pudding. It was bad at first but in the end it was not so bad.

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