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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Dumb Bunny

Lucille plans a Easter party for her whole class. She said there’s a golden egg that you have to find to have a play date with Lucille in her fancy house in her hot tub.

The One and Only Ivan

I love this book because it was my first big book. It has elephants in it which are my favorite animals and it has a happy ending. The animals are sweet. It is about a gorilla called Ivan the shopping mall gorilla. Ivan tries to get a baby elephant named Ruby out of the mall into the zoo. Read the book to see what happens next. :);0


Pinocchio is a classic children’s story. For me its one of my all-time favorite story because the story is fascinating and it teaches the kids like my age the consequences of doing bad things and telling lies — the nose gets longer and longer.
The story has a happy ending when the wooden Pinocchio turned to a real boy.

The Giver

Jonas, the main character, lives in a world where everything is controlled. People are not allowed to choose their own careers. One is chosen for them by the Giver. People do not experience pain, heartaches, disappointments. People do not even choose how many children they have. Can you imagine a world where you did not make your own choices? I was always taught that your life experiences shape you regardless of whether they are good or bad. Even your negative experiences in life make you who you are. When children are twelve years old they are given their assignment of what they will be when they move into adulthood. Jonas’ dad is the Nurterer. His job is to nurture children. One person that his father nurtures is a child named Gabriel that has trouble sleeping during the night. Jonas, using his powers to transmit, transmits good memories to Gabriel to help him sleep. Jonas later finds out that Gabriel will be released, which means to die. Jonas is attached to Jonas at this point, and takes Gabriel and runs away.

Ready for Anything

(Scribed by mom)

Ready for Anything has animals. There was a duck and a raccoon.
The two friends were going on a picnic. They were afraid of bees and a dragon. Raccoon told Duck that the picnic would be fun. Raccoon said there would be butterflies instead of bees. The friends had a picnic with marshmallows, sandwiches, trail mix, bananas, and cupcakes.
I want to have a picnic with my family. My mom, dad, and grandmama will be there. We will eat pizza.

Charlie Bone and the hidden king

The book is about a boy who’s dad was lost, and now Charlie is faced with a challenge to try to get him back. His mom is falling in love with an enchanter who Charlie thinks is not good, because if his mom completely falls in love with the enchanter, she will forget all about Charlie’s dad who’s name is Lyell.

The Busy Little Squirrel

My four year old really enjoyed the illustrations, and the words were big enough for her to follow along as a beginner reader:) Good content of what some animals do for preparation for the Winter Season!

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