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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Katie Woo

I like this book because I like horses a lot and Katie Woo does too. She wanted a horse for her birthday. I liked reading about the fun she had going on the ranch trip for a surprise for her birthday. Katie Woo books are fun to read.

A Work in Progress – A Memoir

This memoir is the recollection of a twenty two year old young man that became an internet sensation. Just a small town kid, he tries to figure out his place in the big, wide world. He feels that there is so much left for him to explore and learn. And he is a very self conscious young man.

Pick of the Litter

This book is about puppy love and I love it! Tom’s grandpa had heart surgery and Tom helps him during summer vacation with the hunting dog business. And it is hard for Tom but he likes a dog named Tad. The dog has blue eyes. And Tom loves him so much he wants to keep him and he does get him.

harry potter chamber of secrets

Harry gets locked up in his room because he gets blamed for dropping pudding on there very special guests Mr. and Mrs. Mason and so they put bars on his window then his friend comes and saves him in a flying car and they go to his house.

Solider Mine

Excellent book moving, emotional, powerfully written. Showed how one can overcome physical challenges when approached from an objective manner. A book about love and what one will do for the love of a family member.


This books was about the Connor’s family they moved in to this Amity a secluded house on the peaceful banks of NEW Concord River, his nights are plagued with Gore filled dreams of demons, destruction, and revenge.

The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake

This is a chapter book. The main character is Detective Wilcox. He tries to help Miss Rabbit who is missing her cake she baked. The detective goes all over and asks everyone for clues. He figures out it was Miss Rabbit who ate the cake when she was sleep walking.

OZ: the Dark World[Dorothy Must Die & The Wicked Will Rise]

Never thought that I’d have my perception of OZ turned upside down until I read these Books. In the first Amy Gumm a girl from modern day Kansas was transported to OZ by a cyclone but this was not the OZ we remembered: Dorothy is now a wicked, power crazed witch, and so is Glinda who wants the magic all to herself, Ozma is rendered incompetent and the three companions are all twisted by dark magic. The only allies she can count on the is the revolutionary order of the Wicked consisting of: Mombi the jailer of Ozma, Glamora twin sister to Glinda and Gert the former good witch of the north. In the second book having failed in her attempt to assassinate Dorothy, Amy is told that the only way to destroy Dorothy is to grab the three things that the Wizard gave them: the Scarecrow’s Brains, the Tinman’s Heart, and the Lion’s Courage.

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