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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Finally 12

The book taught me what is like to be 12. Trying new things can lead to pain, like waxing your legs or not being able to get a contact lens out of your eye, and showing up at school with an eye patch while your little brother calls you a pirate. I realize that being 12 has a lot of drama. The book was funny, full of drama, and you can relate to things in real life. I loved it.

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

Pete the Cat meets all his friends and they are not feeling good. He tells them about the magic sunglasses. The glasses make them see in a whole new way. Pete was riding on Alligator like a cowboy, just like Leroy Ninker in “Mercy Watson”. I think other kids should read this book because the cowboy picture is really funny. Grumpy Toad gave the sunglasses to Pete.

An Irish County Doctor

An Irish Country Doctor is the story of recent medical school graduate Barry Laverty embarking on a career as a GP (General Practitioner) in the small Irish village of Balleybucklebo. He spends a few weeks as the potential assistant to Dr. Fingal Flaherty O’Reilly, a man of mythic proportions in size and spirit. The doctors solve the physical ailments of their small community while attempting to right the wrongs and injustices of the rich against the poor. There’s even a budding young romance to boot! It’s a wonderful book, and all the readers of books like The Mitford Series (Jan Karon) will surely enjoy an hour or three in Balleybucklebo.

Justin Case

A boy named Justin is worried about the first day of third grade, but he starts and finds that its not so bad. He deals with a lot of things throughout the way. This is a nice book and I recommend it to people who love drama books.

Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs

My favorite story in the book is called Seth the Evil One. I like the part when Osiris got into the box and floated down the river Nile. My second favorite story is about Cleopatra. I like it when she got into the rug and she exploded out of it when the rug was given to Caesar. My third favorite story is about Hatshepsut. I liked it when Ra and Hathor visited Hatshepsut. I thought that she was a really beautiful baby. I like the details in the pictures and I think that I should read more books by this author.

The Worst Times are the Best times

This was definitely a good read book. It is a true story that is positive and rewarding to read. It is the story of Mr. Levelle Motion (coach at NCCU). He talks of his trials and triumphs- from poverty to prosperity- and yet of the abiding faith that he learned from his grandmother and mother. I hope that more people will read this book and that many African-American young men will read this book. I will definitely be giving it away for Christmas/Birthday presents, and I will be reading it again.


The story is about kids that were smuggled from different times and brought to the 21 century. They are brought into a middle school, where the smugglers are hiding. They lead the kids to a time cave. At the time cave, the smugglers try to bring the kids into their time, but somebody stops them and sends the kids to fix time.

Lyle Lyle Crocodile

It’s a really cool book. One of the characters thinks Lyle the Crocodile should go to the zoo. A guy who works at the zoo lets Lyle out. The character has a cat and they have a fire in their house. In the end, Lyle saw the smoke and rescued him and the cat. You should read it, it was awesome. It was a really good book to read.

Tonight on the Titanic

This book was really cool. It is about a boy and a girl who read a book and their magic treehouse takes them to the Titanic. I really liked how Jack & Annie escaped. They escaped by saying “I want to go home” then something magical happened that took them home. I didn’t like the part where most people died in the water and there was a picture of the people that were frozen. I would recommend this book to a friend.

Earth day

Avia una niña que no sabia que hacer para salvar el planeta.  Ellos decidieron ir a caminar.  Mientras caminaban, fueron recogiendo basura.  Cuando llegaron al jardín sacaron una planta para enseñar en la clase aserca de importancia que tienen las plantas.

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