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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Scaredy Squirrel has a birthday party

Scaredy squirrel has never had a big birthday party. He is going to have a birthday party for him. He is inviting his buddy, Buddy. Scaredy Squirrel prepares for the party. Once Buddy shows up,a bunch of Buddy’s buddy’s show up too. Scaredy squirrel starts running evrywhere and then he freezes. Then he plays dead for 2 hours and when he wakes up, his birthday cake is out and everyoine is sitting quietly. They eat the cake and afterwards, scaredy squirrel got a present. he opens it and inside is a picture of him with a heart around him and he changes next year’s birthday invitation. I liked this book a lot.

the dinosaurs new clothes

This story tells about a dinosaur who is an emperor. Bad dinosaurs pretended to make dinosaur clothes for the emperor. He knew he wasn’t stupid he just didn’t see any clothes. But he admired the invisible clothes too. He said that he wasn’t fit for his job but wouldn’t tell. The bad dinosaurs didn’t make the clothes. When a procession came they saw he didn’t have those clothes but they still admired him. Everyone was whispering about him and the emperor said the show must go on. The ending was ok. I thought it was happier.

kindergarten rocks!

Kindergarten is not scary at all. Dexter knows everything about that but his big sister Jessie tells him about it. And Rufus is the stuffed dog that is very very scared. I liked kindergarten.


This story tells about Eli used to be a lion but now he is just an old tired cat. He is mad on the field at everything. His friend Vera is a vulture and goes everywhere with Eli.

moss linas balleinas

This tells about ballerinas my favorite! They dance at parks, zoos, beaches, markets and always in lines. I love dancing like a ballerina this is one of my favorite things to do. The ballerinas are nice and pretty.

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