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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

I’m Bad

He was a bad dinosaur and when he was bad he would get attacked by things. The things he would get attacked by were very small things and he would ask them “Are you bad?”. The small things had a lot of bad and he ran away.

Seven Sacred Pauses

I have loved this book. It was so refreshing to my soul. I reference it often. It has helped me to pause throughout my day and be mindful of God and all his goodness to me. As I want to grow in the discipline of silence and solitude- this has been a great tool in focusing. Based on the time of day, I turn to that chapter and reread my highlights. I read it through its entirity the first time around.

Princess Abigail

There are mean twins to scare a baby panda. Princess Abigail save the panda. I think the panda is very cute. I would try and help save the panda too.

Si decido quedarme

Es una familia que que salen a pasear todos porque como habian canceled todas las activades porque avia nevado’ no era mucho pero por seguridad serraron las escuelas y su padre era maestro. Y Como todos no estaban llendo a sus activadades su mamita llamo al trabajo para avisarles que se iva tomar el dia.

The Sound of Stevie Wonder

This read is a wonderful depiction on Wonder’s words and music. Wonder has had a long and fruitful career including being a young virtuoso, soul shouter, and independent artist. Wonder has also been recorded, as covered, by many other artists and is a testament to his longevity. Stevie is one of the greatest artists to ever record.

henry and mudge and the best day of all

This is a really funny book. I like dogs and this reminded me of my dog, she is brown but Mudge is not. It was my birthday too and Henry’s too. I read a lot of Henry and Mudge books when I can find them. I would tell other kids to read this book if they like dogs.

School of Charm

This book is the best for magic lovers and tomboys who don’t fit in. Chip, the main character loses her Daddy at the age of 11 and as a result can’t find her place in life. Her Daddy sends her a sign and she figures out her Daddy is watching down from heaven after all. She finally finds her true meaning in life, not pageant material, but a true nature lover. Lisa Ann Scott uses words so well, you literally feel like you are in the book and in the characters shoes. Hats off to Lisa Ann Scott!!!!

-Megan Healey

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