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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

the boxcar children surprise island

I loved this book. I wish I could have my own island to go to. Benny and Jessie really had fun on the island. They got to go clamming and swimming. They learned a lot while on the island. They got to explore and find neat and exciting things on the island. They also learned how to do things like clamming, surfing, they made a garden. They also found neat things on the island when they went exploring. I can’t wait to read more of the boxcar children’s books to see what other mysteries and fun they have in store for me.

Star Wars (Episode 1)

This story is about two Jedi who are fighting for the Republic against the Separatists. The Jedi’s space ship crushed in the Planet Tatooine. They badly needed spare parts to fix the spaceship until they met a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. The boy has extraordinary Jedi reflexes and able to win the pod race which helped the Jedi buy all the spare parts they need. The story is very interesting to read. It is full of adventures and it’s about building friendship.


In the puppy place book, Cooper, I really liked how responsible Mrs. Davies was by giving her dog to The Petersons instead of being unfair to her dog by not spending enough time with him. It really showed how much she loved her dog who in them found a forever home.

The Puppy Place Snowball

Charles Peterson ,Lizzie Peterson, and their Family foster young puppy’s. And give them the best care until they find a great home for them. When the Peterson kids hear about Snowball that someone left the pup all alone at the gas station sick and hungry they took him to pet shelter for care. The puppy was very sick, he had worms. So the vet said they could take him if he eats. But, the puppy was always hungry. So, they took him home and took care of him until they could find him a good forever home. Later, Lizzie wanted Snowball to become a therapy dog. So, the went to a therapy dog meeting Snowball had to take a test to see if he could become a therapy dog. But, sadly he didn’t pass the test. So, the went home an trained him some more and he got healthier over the week and better of trying to be a therapy dog. Later, then Mrs.Peabody was sad because she had a dog where she use to live. But, when she moved she had to give her dog to her daughter because her new apartment they didn’t allow dogs. So, in the end Charles and his friend Sammy snuck Snowball into Ms. Peabody apartment, Ms.Peabody know how to handle Snowball. She liked Snowball and Snowball liked her they were perfect for each other. Then, Snowball had bark and one of the residents heard him , and looked in and said is there a dog and saw Snowball. They were all scared that she was going to tell. But, she thought snowball was cute. So, she didn’t by, later it was 6 residents were there. Then, one of the works saw people their. So, Charles and Sammy had left it was time for dinner so they went home. When Charles and his family were in the middle of dinner the phone had rang. So, Mr.Peterson answered and the woman ask for Charles. When Charles got of the phone the women say she was from Worked where Ms. Peabody lived and she heard that he had a foster dog. Then, she said she would be at his house in 30 mins. So, they made the house perfect. When she came and saw Snowball she said he can stay with Ms. Peabody. So,on Christmas Eve the gave Ms. Peabody,Snowball as had Christmas present. She was very very happy at the end.

middle school cool

At the beginning of school the children chose what they wanted to this year, some children wanted to dance, some wanted to learn how to sing and some wanted to do computer programming. Mr Mister is a teacher who teaches English but this year he is teaching kids how to make a school newspaper, after that he showed how to make a news paper the first thing you need to do is find a topic to write about the second thing is that it needs to be full of facts. Also the paper needs to have a title there first story was about the cafeteria food and the second story was about dodge ball.


Eddie and the team were getting on the bus to go to the game. It took a while to get there. They made sure that the team had warned up so they could play good. If they don’t warm up, they don’t play that good. They wanted to make the record 4:4. They were playing good and then at the last inning Eddie got the out to win the game. After the game Eddie wrote a article about the game.

Lottie Paris Lives Here

Lottie Paris is a young black girl that is full of energy. In the beginning of the book we see Lottie’s house. We also see the park where Lottie likes to play. Lottie likes to play with her grandpa Pete. She tries on his boots and walks around in them. Lottie gets in trouble for eating her cookies and not her vegetables at dinner time. She is sent to time out. She talks on grandpa Pete’s phone and is sent to time out again.

The Baby sitters club:Claudia and mean Janine

Claudia and Janine start to fight. Then something happens. While Claudia and Janine’s parents are out to dinner Mimi (Claudia and Janine’s grandmother) has a stroke. Claudia blames herself for the stroke. The Baby-Sitters club starts a playground to watch the kids for $5.00. Mimi starts to recover she sometimes mix up her words. Eventually Claudia and Janine put aside there differences and work together.

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