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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

li Bing and the flooding

This story was about a flood that happened in China. They had to make a wall to stop the flood. They had to make the wall so the people on the land can get water. The flood water would have made them sick, that’s why they needed fresh water. They also needed fresh water to go plant stuff. They had the water so they can have it for their plants. The flood happen once a year, it would overflow and flood a flat plain if dry land nearby where nobody lives.


Harrison has had a bumpy life this book. It’s about him becoming a rising football star even though he lost one of his legs from bone cancer. This will make him learn that there is more to life than hard work.


I loved this book! It is about a girl named Olivia and she finds out that she has a twin sister named Ivy. Olivia and Ivy switch places a lot. Sometimes it gets them in trouble. Then Olivia finds out that Ivy and about half of the town are vampires! This is a great book and is the first book in a series called My Sister The Vampire.

Runaway Twin

This book is about a girl named Sunny. She was separated from her twin Star at age 3 so she runs away from her foster home and tries to find her twin. I liked this book because Sunny is adventurous and like to explore, like me. You would like this book if you like adventure and danger.

The Little Plant Doctor: A story about George Washington Carver

When you read this book it reminds you of the olden days. This book is all about George Washington Carver. He fixed his neighbor’s plants. His family were slaves. He was very weak so he couldn’t do the big jobs. But he loved plants. You should really read this book because it is very interesting and may make you imagine what you want to be.

Turtle In Paradise

A girl name Turtle had to move because of her mom’s job manager would not let her daughter stay in the hotel. So she moved to live with her Aunt and there she met some people who she became friends with and she also met her grandma for the first time. While she lived there her and her friends found a map in her grandma’s piano to a chest with lots of money in it so her and her friends set out to find it and at the end they did.

Ivy and Bean

Bean had a sister named Nancy. Nancy was not supposed to use it but she did anyway. Bean was also supposed to stay in her room, Nancy’s rules. Nancy was Bean’s babysitter because their parents went out for dinner.

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