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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

I scream ice cream!

This book is about ice cream. Well it’s kinda of a rhyming word books! I like that it has rhyming words that go with I scream ice cream and its such a funny book that you would love! Well I hope you enjoyed!

Wedgieman and the Big Bunny Trouble

Wedgieman is a fun character to read about. My favorite part of the story was when the Big Bunny jumped on Bad Dude and Wedgieman helped. I liked this part because it was funny how the bunny jumped on Bad Dude. The main characters are Wedgieman, who fixes his suit and is very heroic, the kids who were very young and exploring the world around them. Bad Dude is really bad person and he is really dramatic. This book is a picture book which helps readers understand the story. I really liked, I thought it was funny. I really think that little kids would love this story.

Crazy kind of Love

Jamal Shield aka Preacher (Leo Sullivan ) a notorious young B-More gangster is sentenced to life in prison for multiple crimes, including an armored Brinls truck heist for a cool $5.2 million. He is surprised when he is released from prison.

That works

This was about a boy named Danny who found a bag of rubber bands. He gave one too his dad, and his sister. Danny little brother was crying so Danny made him feel better by putting six rubber bands on a empty tissue box and played a song with the rubber bands. This was a short story but I like the story because I know what to do when my little cousin starts crying.

Im Me!

I read a book called I’m me! So this book’s about a girl named Imogen. She goes to visit her auntie Sara. Her and her auntie Sara play pretend and her auntie says: do you wanna be a naughty monkey? Imogen says no no! Then her auntie says do you wanna be a beautiful princess! Imogen says no no! Then her auntie says do you wanna be a a witch’s kitty? And some other stuff. But what she really wanted to be was herself! Like eating ice cream. Swinging on swings and reading and just being herself! So just be your self! Hope you enjoyed!

The Mysterious Benidect Society

The excellent wording and vocabulary is outstanding. The characters are very enjoyable and interesting, they are so realistic and believable I forget they are not real. I love this book for it’s bookish honesty and how it makes you never want to stop.

Batman Winter Wasteland

I liked this book because it was like DC Super Friends but it had the Flash and Wonderwoman instead of Aquaman and Superman. It is about the greatest heroes in Gotham City fighting the Ice Pack. They win by trapping them in a sewer and then Flash melts all the snow and then water pours on them like water falls. And then the water froze into a block of ice.

Mayor Hubble is in Trouble

It was a really silly book so Mr.Klutz used the peace sign in the all purpose room which is a million bajillion steps away, then all of a sudden guess who poked his head in the door MAYOR HUBBLE. He used the peace victory sign. Then in the book Andrea this kid was telling me that it meant victory then I stuck the peace sign and it didn’t mean peace and it didn’t mean victory! And that’s my book report…Thanks for reading.

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