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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Rainbow Fish

The book was about a fish that gave his scales away. He didn’t want to give his scales away but he did anyway. He was happy because he gave the scales to the other fish. At first the fish didn’t want to play with him but they played with him after he gave his scales away. He was never lonely again. The fish kept the shiny scales that Rainbow Fish gave them. They were friends now.

dial l for loser

Massie, Alicia, and Claire get kicked out of Westchester academy and are about to beg principal Burns to let them back in when a really famous movie director Rupert Mann invites the girls to audition for his new movie Dial L For Loser. Massie feels so confident to win the part but she is really confused when she sees that once they arrive at Hollywood everyone treats Claire (the real loser) like she is the star of the world. Massie and Alicia figure out that Claire got the part in the movie, they buy the ticket to go back home when all of a sudden they are offered a part as the reporters in BEHIND THE SCENES. When they start shooting it’s like if Claire takes the stage all to herself all over again all the camera is on her. Claire has a boyfriend but one day Claire meets a Hollywood hottie and he kisses her what happens when Cam (claires boyfriend ) finds her kissing that Hollywood hottie?

Thor’s Serpents

This book is about how seven kids, who are the descendants of the Norse gods, have been assigned to stop the end of the world, other wise known as Ragnarok, and defeat the Midgard Serpent. But, as Ragnarok gets closer, more and more monsters are getting released from Hel, the Norse underworld, and are in the descendants way of getting to the Ragnarok battlefield. Also, along the way the descendants find out that only the descendant of Thor can enter the battlefield where he will battle the Midgard Serpent, and the rest will have to defeat the enemies army of monsters. This book is focused a lot on believing in yourself and to keep on doing what you think is right, even when the odds are against you.

Batman Going Ape

I liked this book because Superman crashed into Gorilla Grodd! Gorilla Grod had a TV camera that he used to make gorillas. It was called an E-ray. Superman was turned into a gorilla by the E-ray when Superman tried to save Batman. Then Superman in ape form crashed into Gorilla Grodd and the E-ray went flying and Batman caught and fixed the E-ray. In the end, Gorilla Grodd was put into a cage by the police.

The School for Good and Evil

This book became my new favorite book! An awesome page turning tale of two girls Sophie and Agatha who get kidnapped into a fairy tale. Though it does not seem like it at first Sophie gets placed in the School for Evil and Agatha in the School for Good. They both know they have to get out as soon as possible, but how? Love, friendship and potential war get in their way as Sophie and Agatha learn to survive The School for Good and Evil.

Ghost Boy

Not a feel good book by any means. This book was very interesting but made me lose a lot of faith in people who are supposed to be in positions to help other people. It was tough to make it through.

I love my Mommy

The love of a mother– A little boy and his mom are the main characters in this book. The mom is very sweet and funny and dances around and the boy is just a small child who loves to be with her. My favorite part of this story was when the mommy was tickling between his toes. I really liked the story because it shows how much the mommy and little boy loved each other. The pictures in the story helped to show me what was going on between them in the book. This book would be good for first time readers. I am in second grade so it was a little boring for my age but it was cute.

Mission Titanic

Mission Titanic is a great start to the 4th and final series Dobblecross. It is about the Cahills kids try to save the world from a Cahill from the past calling himself only the Outcast.

Hug Time

Hug time is about a kitten that wants to hug the world. His name is Jules and in the story Jules goes around the world trying to hug it. But he finds out that you should start with the one closest to you. I like this book because it has animals and I love animals, and it makes me feel happy!

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