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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

the story of doctor dolittle

There was ones a doctor who lived in a town called puddleby-on-the-marsh .
His name was doctor dolittle.Now he loved animals all of the time he was getting
weird pets.But the more he got the less money he made.For the animals drove
everyone away.So he gave up being doctor all together.So after that he was a vet.So the parrot taught him how to speak animal.One day the monkey chee-chee ran in and said that in Africa the monkeys were sick.They were dying in hundreds.
So they set sail.When they got there they went to the king.He how ever got mad.
So he locked him up.But the parrot tricked the king and he got out.when they were leaving again they were caught.But they got out again.After they got home ones more they made money.
the end.

Fox in Socks

This book was very weird. The pictures were very pretty. Most of it was silly. It was not easy to read and it took a long time to read. I didn’t like reading about the socks but I did like the parts that were about games.

Where the mountain meets the moon

This captivating story is about a girl named Milini who wants to change her family’s fortune. She runs away from home to seek the truth of a legend about the man in the moon. On her way there she meets a dragon who unfortunately cannot fly. But that does not stop Milini nor the dragon. The dragon gets slayed by this demon like creature called the Green Tiger. Dragon is sickly. Will Milini’s journey continue or will they get stopped by the slaying of the green tiger.

harry potter and the order of the Phoenix

In harry potter and the order of the Phoenix harry
Is fowlling draco malfoy every where to get proof
That he is a death eater. In this book he keeps a profecy
Safe from the evil hands of lord voldemort. This is a great book
That everyone should have a chance to read this book.

Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson is an exciting book. In the beginning of the book, the Robinsons are shipwrecked on an island. They build a tree house and dig out a salt cave. They find sugar cane and drink the sweet juice out of it. In the end, they find a ship sailing near the island and row their row boat they made out to it. Half of the family decides to leave and half of the family stays. My favorite part is when they build the huge tree house.

Spirit Animals

This book journeys through the magical world of Erdas. Four 11 year old kids Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and RollanĀ  are trying tho save Erdas from destruction. In the start the four kids discover a rare bond between themselves and an animal which gives them a special connection and power to save Erdas from falling to pieces. All found in different places and brought together as one, all see an opportunity to emerge the animals to fight as the four fallen beasts. The wolf, jaguar, panda, and falcon are what has brought them together. Fixing what has risen from the past and dark forces. The four animals and kids must band together for a dangerous quest to save their land. Their fate is set for that and they’re the only ones with the power to stop it.

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