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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

A House for Hermit Crab

What is the story about?
Hermit crab got a new home. He wanted to decorate it. It got to small so he saw another hermit crab to give it to.

Who is in the book?
Hermit crabs

What was your favorite part?
My favorite part was when he gave it to the little crab. Why I like it is because he was sharing.

Just Joking 5

This book is very funny and hilarious, but is informational. This information is about animals. There are tongue twisters, riddles, and jokes about everything and more. It is easy to read and is very scientific. There are other “Just Joking Books” in the series by National Geographic Kids. This series does not have any fiction books and always has non-fiction books. If you like funny and informational book this book is for you.

Marley and Me

This story is about a puppy who is very bad because he always runs away when his owners take him to places. When he got older he started chewing everything and his owners get very mad at him. So Jenny and John, his owners, have to teach him to be good and cooperate so they can be a good family. I really like this book because it’s an interesting story.I recommend this book to people who like dogs and puppies.

Almanac 2015

I liked Almanac 2015 because you learn about the future and the past, you learn about other people. Another reason I like Almanac 2015 is some of the book is funny and weird. I give this book 10 out of 10.


Sisters is about girls that are going to Colorado and it takes them a week to get there and they are annoying their mom and their siblings. When they go back their car breaks down and they are in the dessert but they find a tow truck and they go back home.

In The Unlikely Event

★★★★★ (5/5 stars) An addictive immersive reading experience. I could not put this book down! I was transported to the city of Elizabeth, NJ from 1951-52. I felt as if I was walking the streets of the neighborhood, peeking into the lives of everyone I met. A beautiful, wrenching and very real story featuring fourteen year old Miri, her friends, her family, and her neighborhood. Her world is rich and full of fascinating people. Judy Blume is a master storyteller capturing complex emotions, interesting women, the social and historical time and the impact of catastrophic disasters (on a personal and community level). The complex impact of the disasters play out in each character’s life. To me, Judy Blume’s immersive read is a moving tribute to survivors and victims of the actual airline disasters of Newark airport because if feels as though I was there too.

!me gustas ganar

Me gustas ganar! y cuando jugamos muchas vecas gano! Me gustas ganar en Las carreras,en Los dardos.Y en Los juegos de Mesa.pero quo pasa?te enojas?No quieres jugar mas?Qué Pena Qué me da!Qué pasa?te vas?Ah !No Pedersen ser!Silas me aburriré.Hagamos un jugamos,to no te enojas ni te vas.Yo no grit ni alardeo.Me gusta ganar.Y a ti También Yankees Veo!

the lovely bones

This book is about a 14 year old girl named Susie Salmon that has been murdered and is telling this story from up in heaven, looking down and is seeing what is happening without friends and family. Susie’s parents looking for her killer while their marriage is in danger. Her little brother trying grasp the word gone. Sister trying to stay strong, and friends at school making rumors about her death. Only heaven knows what could happen next!

The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963

This book is about an African American family that goes to Birmingham, Alabama to visit their grandma during segregation times. This is a very interesting story, there will be times when you´ll laugh, times where you’ll want to cry and times when you just wish you could be there. I really enjoyed this book because it´s very interesting and funny. I really recommend this book to anyone because it´s really good.

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