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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Paw’s off ChedderFace!

It’s when people tell Geronimo things that he didn’t even ask for, then he finds out there is another him and his name is Sydney Starfur! Geronimo’s family thinks he is the fake one and Thea warned his friends about so he has no shelter, friends or family because the fake Geronimo took his car and house keys. Wandering alone on the streets Geronimo is left alone to figure out how to get his family, friends and rightful place in the Silton family!

The Unknowns A Mystery

This book is about an island named Adjacent. People suddenly start to dissappear. A girl named Di and a boy named Tom (well nicknamed) are tutored by Mrs. Clarke, a pretty and old lady who served for the Navy. She tutored lots of children. Di and Tom went to her mobile home one day when they got there she was nowhere to be seen. She left behind clues which were very puzzling but were solved.

Keeping Up With Grandma

I read the book, “Keeping Up With Grandma” written by John Winch. This book was a fun book to read because Grandma had so many hobbies that she liked to do. It reminds me of myself when I am very active in Boy Scouts. I enjoy participating in the many different activities that our den encounters like outdoor camping, fishing, hiking, archery, selling popcorn door to door, public speaking, and racing for trophies in the pinewood derby. Anyways, Grandma likes exploring caves, horseback riding, canoeing, baking cakes, dancing, and riding in balloons. She is always trying to get Grandpa to participate as well in many of these hobbies or sports, but he is just not interested. All Grandpa wants to do is rest and do what they used to do. Take life easy, and enjoy the simple life of being at home together. I liked this book because it reminds me of the many fun times that I spend with my Grandma-Nana at soccer practice, traveling, or at home watching movies and television.

Dance Class To russia with love

I read a book called Dance Class to Russia with love. This dancing adventure book is about ballerinas that go to Russia. There doing the nut cracker and these two girls that get the main parts are: Julie and … this old lady and this boy that plays the nutcracker. so what happens in the story is there are girls in this dance class there going to Russia for a performance . so they all practice all week and this girl always mess up Julie, Alia, Lusie but she thought she was going to get the part … but she didn’t! This book is romantic cool and funny! So read this book! You’ll love it! Well I hope you love this report!

mercy waston goes for a ride

Every Saturday Mrs. Waston made a special treat for Mercy and the treat was buttered toast. After her especial treat, Mr. Waston took Mercy for a ride and they passed a police and the police name was Tomilello and when he saw the pig and Mr. Waston past he saw them speeding, he turned on his flashing lights and pull out to the highway. And he told them to pull over so they pulled over and stopped the car and then Mr. Tomilello took them home and since Mrs.Waston had buttered toast she invited Mr. Tomilello to have some buttered toast and he said yes.

No news is good news

Ivy and Bean try to make a fundraiser for a special type of cheese. They make a newspaper of the street,but they get it by spying. The newspaper was called the flipping pancake. It is a very nice book.

If I Ran The Circus

A kid named Morris McGurk planned a circus. He said it would be called The Circus MckGurcus. It will be behind Mr.Sneelocks store. There will be acrobats jugulars and clowns from a thousand and thirty-three far away towns. He also has a drum-tummied snumm. Mr. Sneelock will sell 5 thousand gallons of pink lemonade and he will sell the balloons. There are going to be so many other amazing animals to.


Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated children books. Dr.Seuss was born in 1904 in Massachusetts. Dr.Seuss’ real name was Theodor Ted Seuss Geisel. Dr.Seuss graduated from high school in 1920.He illustrated and wrote his first book in 1937.

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