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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Stink and the Shark Sleepover

This is a book about a boy named Stink, who goes on a sleepover to an aquarium. But he is scared that the sharks will get him. Even worse, he heard a story about a vampire squid and he thinks that it is lurking in the aquarium. But soon he figures out that it is not real and that the aquarium can be very interesting. My favorite part was when Stink took a picture next to a giant model of a megalodon shark. I recommend this book to anyone who likes ocean life.

Goliath at the Dog Show

This book was about a dog named Goliath who was not a pure breed so everybody called it a mongrel, and there was another dog named Nipper who wanted to enter a dog show as well as Goliath, but everybody thought Goliath wouldn’t win anything because he was a mongrel. At the end Goliath and Nipper ended up two dogs that won a ribbon.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

At first when I started reading Harry Potter, I thought it was boring. But then when I kept reading it and got to the middle, it was really exciting and had lots of things going on. The end was my favorite. All along, Harry thought Snape was trying to get the sorcerer’s stone to help Voldemort, but then when he tried to face going past Fluffy, the three-headed dog, he figured out that if you play music the dog falls asleep. He also tried to face all the obstacle courses and got to the mirror, where the stone was. When he finally got there, it wasn’t Snape. It was actually Quirrell all the time.

The Story of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12 1940 in Germany. The Franks moved to another neighborhood. As time passed the Nazis made rules and more rules. It kept getting worse. On her 13th birthday she got a diary as a present. Then the Franks learned that Jewish people had to go to camp. People moved in so they could use the hide out. But one day the police caught them. They they were sent to jail. Everyone died except the father. Otto read Anne’s diary and said everyone should read it.

Charlotte’s Web

I read the first couple pages. It is about a girl who rescues a little pig named Wilbur from being killed. She takes care of him. She gives him milk to drink. One day Wilbur followed the girl to school but one of her uncles told him to come here so he could give him something to eat.

Hop on Pop

I thought the book was a little weird, but it was fun to read! I thought that it was very funny when the dad said “you must stop.” I liked this book and I would read it again but I would not tell my friends to read it.

Superman Family Adventures

In this book, Superman has a whole family. The family tries to fight the inventions of Lex Luthor. In one chapter, Bizarro comes. He does not really turn everything upside, but he loves to say “not”. In another chapter, Titano, a little monkey, eats red cryptonite and becomes huge. When he becomes huge, he does not know what he is doing. So he tries to destry the whole city. But luckily, Superman is able to get the cryptonite out of his belly somehow.


This book is about a kid named Logan, who is taking after a family tradition to become a new candymaker. The thing is, there is a competition to who will win. 3 other children come to ” The Sweets ” (the candy shop name) to compete in the contest. There is a lot of perspective in this book and a big twist to the competition where they all should be competing in. A big shocker comes when the 4 of them enter. Here comes Daisy’s story, Logan’s story, Phillip’s story, and Miles’s story on why they’re doing the competition.

Curious George rides a bike

In this book George’s bike breaks. He is told to deliver the newspapers to each side but he doesn’t turn back and go the other way. He went on and on. He ends up at the river and makes paper boats. An ostrich takes his bugle and George struggles to get it back. Other people should read this book because it’s good and other people might like George!

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