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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise

The Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise is a book about four princesses who work together to save the deer of Mistberg Forest from being poached for their antlers. The Secret Promise is the 1st in a series about princesses Emily, Clarabel, Lulu, and Jaminta and their quest to help all animals in trouble. This is an awesome book. If you love animals and want to be animal rescuer like me, The Rescue Princesses are for you!


The BFG is about when Sophie gets taken by the BFG, they go back and see all the giants taking off to go eat dinner. But later they find out they are going to England where Sophie lives. they stop all the giants. They put all of the dirty giants in a hole and live happily ever after.

the tiny seed

I learned about flowers. they need sun and rain to grow. flowers grow in spring. they get picked and seen in summer. flowers get covered in snow in the winter and they die in autumn and the seeds for the seed pods in the flower get blown away by the wind.

101 wacky kid jokes

I read this book.It has jokes in it.This book has sections,like chapters!
Most of the jokes are like this….
May:stop making faces at that bull dog
Bruce:He started it!
I think the author’s purpose is to entrtain because we tell jokes to
make people laugh and laughing is entertaining.

Oopsy Daisy

Oopsy Daisy is a book about four girls that are best friends and are starting to have “boyfriends”. There is a school program at night and one of the best friends changes her mind about going. The other friends convince her to go to it and they all have a great time.

the son of neptune

The son of Neptune is sad as well as adventurous book. After Piper Leo and Jason free the queen of goddesses, Hera, the focus is centered and the Greek demigod Percy Jackson. This book is not like any that Rick Roirdan has ever wrote. This book is filled with the author, an adventure and a clever word choice.

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