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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library kids!

The Rithmatist

I liked The Rithmatist because it took magic and chalk and mixed them up. The Rithmatist involved me in the story I really felt like a character in it. I think it is a book for people who like to read fantasy that could be real. I will definitely read The Rithmatist over and over again.

The Candymakers

Embark on a journey that brings you through an amazing candy factory full of mystery and exitement. Four people, one prize… Who will be the winner? Will it be:
•Logan, the candymaker’s son
•Daisy, the cheery girl with a ponytail
•Miles, the boy who speaks backwards
or •Philip, the boy who always writes in his notebook?

what’s really hood

It’s about this guy who was selling drugs and his beat friend killed this guy for him and the that sold the drugs was Lamar and his friend name was Mance the guy named Lamar slept with his friend girl friend behind his back and they end up getting caught and they both killed.


Uglies is the first book in a magnificent breath taking series. Tally the main character is a girl who is taken away from the one thing she has wanted ever since she was very young. To be pretty. But a few days before her surgery that makes her pretty her new friend Shay runs away. Now she has to chose between her life long dream or her new best friend.
This book is not just another story that some author makes up. It is a fascinating story about the struggles any girl can go through with having to chose between their closes friend or the one thing that we have all worked on so hard and in the end it might just work out both ways.

Rapunzel Can

The book is about the things Rapunzel can do. She can run, swing, and paint. I like the book because it tells me the things I can instead of focusing on things I can’t do at first. I can do anything even if it is hard or it hurts. I can be brave! Yes I can!


This is one amazing book that you should read. I found this amazing book while doing BoB(battle of the books). At first it was depressing but then it was exciting. When I finished, my mom realized I liked books about war and deferent sickness’s such as polio she found me another amazing book. Well that ends it and try to read this amazing yet sad book.


There’s a girl named Sophie and she gets kidnapped by a giant called the bfg also known as the big friendly giant and the other giants but the bfg eat children.

queen esther

This book was about queen Esther, she was a Jew. She wanted to save her people who were going to be killed. They was going to be killed because they did not want to leave their homes, some of them liked their homes.

the magic finger

there’s a girl that has two friends. they go hunting with their  dad too much that they do not play with her that much . so she gets cross her face turns red and she pointed at her two friends and there dad and in the next day they turn into birds.

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy

What I liked about the book is that it was so funny. A pigeon wanted a puppy but then it was scared of the puppy. They drew the pigeon with one eye most of the time but when the pigeon was sad or mad it had two eyes and that was funny.

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