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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!

The House of Hades

I have read all the other books from the series this one has come from and I loved them all. They have some of the coolest, quirkiest, and nicest characters I have ever read about. It also has a very interesting plot and I love, but at the same time hate how it goes back and forth between the characters points of view. Its just all together an amazing book!


I read Syren by Angie Sage. It is the fifth book in the Septimus Heap series. I really liked the plot line of this book. I admire how Angie Sage writes, the detail, the word choice. I like how she develops the characters and their relationships. Overall, I liked this book very much and I am looking forward to finishing the series.


Wonder is an amazing book about a kid with special needs named August and how people go around and see him and talk about his face he learns how to deal with it.
his family cares for him his mom Isabelle his sister Via and his dad Nate they protect him from people who talk about him but his sister especially hates when people talk about him. his mom and dad care for him when hes not feeling good. When he was a baby the doctors and nurses had to do surgery many times and it changed his face and he says he looks terrible and ugly and hes not like regular people. Hes afraid to go to school because he does not want to be made fun of and is scared no one will like him and he wont have any friends. he warms up to some of the people in the school and makes friends. he gets used to the people talking about him.

Road to Tater Hill

Annie Winters’ whole family is anticipating the birth of her next brother/sister. Even though Annie’s dad is deployed to Germany, Annie feels comforted with thoughts that she will have another sibling. When the baby dies just after birth, the whole family is shaken. It doesn’t affect anyone as much as Annie’s mother. She begins to separate herself from everyone else. Annie feels like she is slowly losing her mother. To find closure, Annie makes a “rock baby” and even befriends recently released “murderer”, Miss Eliza McGee. Will the family reunite after this tragedy in the hills of North Carolina?

No Other God

So far this book was about a girl who got stuck in some ice in the winter. She was with one of her friends that day and he tried to help her get out. Then a foreign boy showed up and helped. She was rushed to a nearby house because she couldn’t walk or talk.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

This book started off slow, but when you get into it the storyline is amazing. There are descriptions of Kabul that make me want to visit but it is probably very different now, and most of it is most likely fictional but this book is worth reading, especially for a summer reading project like I am doing. I would recommend this book for older teenagers and adults.

Divergent series

The Divergent series(Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant) is set in dystopian Chicago and evolves around a love story that is so romantic. Tris and four are trying to fix their faction filled city to make a better place for people to live. There are definitely some tear jerkers but it is worth reading.

The Dragon Of Trelian

Calen is a mage’s apprentice who is not especially skilled at magic. He certainly never dreamed that princess Meglynne would ever need his help. And Meg never imagined that she would share her biggest secret, the orphaned dragon, she found in the forest with anyone.

Babymouse: our hero

I think this was a great book because in the beginning Babymouse was so scared of the dodge ball game that counted for a grade. Then, when it was time for her to play, the so called mean girl,  Felicia Furrypaws (and she is really mean), knocked out Babymouse’s  friend Wilson and man did she get mad :) She threw that ball and hit Felicia in her eye and it was not over yet!  After winning the game,  Felicia locked her in her locker!  LOL!  This book is the best!

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