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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!

The Testing

The testing is a very good book for those who like to read dystopian novels such as The Roar and The Whisper by Emma Clayton. There are unexpected twists and turns throughout the book that will keep the reader engaged.

Amulet Book One: The Stone Keekeeper

The book “Amulet” is very interesting. When I was young I always wanted to read it, but I never got a chance to, until recently when I saw it on the library shelves. It is mainly about a teenage girl named Emily trying to save her mother from an octopus/squid-like creature. When Emily and her family move into their old grandfather’s house she finds a room that has the amulet that gives her powers. One night her mom’s gets kidnapped by the creature in a mysterious room. When Emily and her brother follows the creature into the room they all enter a new world, and the adventure to save their mom begins!

the giver

The Giver is about how the world’s secrets were kept in the Receiver of Memory. THe main chacter Jonas is the new Receiver of Memory and can’t keep all of the world’s secrets, so he lets them out, because the people think the world is perfect but haven’t experienced much of the world.

What The Moon Saw

This book is about a girl who goes to visit to her grandmother in Mexico. She doesn’t want to go but she goes anyways. Her Grandmother tell her stories about the future and that she can look into the future. She can see what bad things are going to happen. Clara thinks this is Amazing! So her Grandmother makes tortillas and eat them and tell more stories.Clara wonders why she gets picked on for her name”Luna” but she thinks her last name is unique. Luna means moon. The reason why the book is called what the moon saw is because it is about a girl who turns out like her grandma.

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wondered about the backstory of your favorite furry heroes? This companion guide to the popular Warriors series will provide a picture and stats for almost every warrior character, feline or not. From Acorntail to Yellowstar, this book was an excellent read for this fan.

diary of a wimpy kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the most cool book I ever read. Why? Because I can relate to him. I’m the oldest and I have younger siblings who get on my nervesĀ  and plus I’m starting middle school but I’m excited.

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

McCloud guides readers though the amazing adventure of understanding and creating comics with great visuals. Each chapter is designated a purpose to understand big and small aspects about this magnificent form of visual art. Or should I say, sequential art? This and many other questions about comics are discussed through a range of viewpoints. The comic is catchy and even funny, but yet very informative. As McCloud openly portrays: The best way of explaining a comic is defenetly through a comic.

Tears Fall at Night

This book was about a lady name Carmella and her husband Nelson. He wanted to leave his wife of 25 years because he wanted to be with someone younger. And his wife did not like that he wanted to leave her after all these years so she went crazy because of what he did to her and their children.

Rollin’ With Dre

This unauthorized account of Dr. Dre as told by a close personal associate is an insider’s tale of the rise, fall and rebirth of West Coast Hip-Hop as so greatly paved by Dre. Dre has been in the “biz” extensively and all on a genre he has basically innovated. He’s been behind many artists’ careers and has blazed the trail for his own.

Broken Open

I thought it was a very captivating read. It held my attention through every word. I loved it- the imagery made me feel like I was actually Tuesday Eastwood.

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