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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!

Cam Jansen The Mystery of the stolen corn popper

This book is about Cam Jansen trying to find a particular thief who is stilling peoples things from this store called Binkey’s. Then this lady that has a blue dress with flowers on it long brown curly hair and glasses, then after they find her the lady who owns the store gives Cam and Eric some school supplies and gift bags for their treat.

All About Sound

”All About Sounds” was about how different objects make sounds like vibrations and echoes and telling us things that make sound and vibrations at the end. That is my review of the book ”All About Sound”.


The book of Genesis talks about the creation of the world and how God made male and female in his own image. Then it talks about how God made Adam and Eve out of the dust of the earth came Adam and out of the rib of Adam came Eve and God put them inside of the Garden of Eden and said I want you Adan and Eve to take all of the animals and name them. Then God said that they can eat off of any tree that they see but one that was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and he said the day that you eat it you shall surly die. Then one day Saten came in the form of a snake and told Eve that God said that you should not eat of that tree but just look at it and see it and Eve ate of the fruit and then she told Adam to come and eat some too then they both ate the fruit and then there eyes came open and saw that they were naked then the Lord came unto the Garden and asked for Adam and Adam and Eve were hiding behind the trees then God cursed Saten the serpent and comanded Adam and Eve to get out of the Garden of Eden and that was the first sin every comited by Adam that is why you see all of this stuff going on now because of Adam.

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games was intriguing, but also very graphic. The premise is that a bunch of teenagers compete in a fight to the death. It has two sequels, Catching Fire, which I read, and Mockingjay. All of the books have been made into movies. I definitely recommend it for 6th grade and up.

Careful of the Company you Keep

The drama continues with Renee, Danielle, and Kayla. Renee found her husband in bed with a MAN. She is devastated. They are so much into each other, they don’t hear her walk in. She has to take a deep breath to get herself together. She finally comes to grips with reality and takes pictures of them and uses the pictures to get a divorce from her husband that she was not in love with to start with. It is one thing after another with this love triangle.
Danielle discovers that her teenage daughter is pregnant. Her daughter tells her mother that her boyfriend, Ron whom her mother is in love with is the father of her baby. Danielle can not believe what she is hearing and confronts Ron. Of course he tells Danielle that her daughter is lying and Danielle is caught between the two as to who to believe. Danielle’s life is turned upside down when she learns the truth.
Kayla thinks that her minister is going to leave his wife for her and the two of them live happily ever after. Not so. The minister is doing all kinds of things that are NOT pleasing in God’s sight. Kayla finds him with another woman at the secret meeting place and things turn wild and crazy. Kayla is put in a difficult situation and is framed for something she did not do.
Another great book by Angie Daniels. She is becoming one of my favorite authors.
I found it at the LIBRARY!!!

Trouble Loves Company

Three friends Renee, Danielle and Kayla all have personal issues going on in their lives but still manage to go about lives as normal. Renee is a well established author of erotic books but is married to a man that she does not love. She met him and married him during a difficult time in her life. He knew that she did not love him, but he still wanted to marry her and she agreed. Their lives are filled with situations and circumstances. Danielle is a nurse at the local hospital and single mother of a teenage daughter. Danielle is looking for love in all the wrong men. She is attracted to all the wrong men but can’t seem to stay away from the thug type. Her life is filled with drama. Kayla is an administrative assistant at the university. She has low self esteem and single mother of two daughters. She finds herself in love with her minister and life is nothing but horror for her.
This was a very good book. I had a hard time putting it down. I found it at the dollar tree. It was so good . I looked for other books by the same author and found two others at the LIBRARY!!!

the green dog

This book is about a girl who is always BORED because no body has her same interests. So she ask for a dog. So she can have somebody to play with. Because she lost all her friends when she lost interest in dolls.

harriet’s hare

This is the second chapter is about when her father Harriet’s father came to his garden and and the hare vanished. She tried to search for him but when her father left the garden the hare came back. She said how did you just do that?

1 Corinthians 13

I read about having charity, charity means love and I read that if you give to people and help people out and you don’t have love (charity) then that means you are wasting your time and it means nothing, and just because you have the gift of prophecy and all knowledge and faith to remove mountains and you don’t love then that means you are nothing but a person who does it for the fame and fortune. It also says that love is patient long suffering king it does not easely get provoked it does not rejoice in iniquity but in the truth there are three main facts faith, hope and charity but the greatest of these is charity love.

Future of Us

The Future of Us is a great novel that was full of unexpected turns and actual teen dilemmas. The two main characters were greatly sculpted and you had a plan for what the characters would end up doing in your mind the whole time. But just when you think you have it figured out there is a whole new plot twist. This novel was enjoyable to read and I loved it

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