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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!

Ruby Redfort: Look into my eyes

This book is one of the most coolest books I have ever read. I like how they made me think that Ruby was done with spectrum when she finished breaking the codes. But then at the end she stayed with them and got her very own gadgets. I have read this over 10 times already and it still seems good.


Vitro was a very compelling book. It explores the idea that science can go too far, and raises some very interesting points. The author makes a fast-paced story that has you excited until the very end. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to anyone that is a fan of science fiction novels.

Breaking dawn

I really liked this book because it tells about this girl named Belle who’s boyfriend is a vampire and really loves her and does anything to protect her. She also has this werewolf friend who also loves her and wants her to be with him. She also likes this werewolf named Jacob. Jacob really loves her and wants her to be with her but she would rather have Edward.

the hundred dress

Wanda was teased and was made fun of. Kids waited so they cauld have fun with her in a bad way. The Hundred game started when Peggy the popular girl at school asked her how many dress she had and shoes. At the end they would laugh at her and after that Wanda would come home feeling bad. Later Wanda stopped coming to school and her father wrote a note to the teacher because they where bulling Wanda. The girl went to Wanda’s house but it was to late she already moved.


Divergent is good, but not as good as the Hunger Games. It is interesting and futuristic. But it copies the Hunger Games way too much. It is very romantic and emotional. The main character, Tris Prior, has grown up (until age sixteen )trying to be selfless. She was born Abnegation. Abnegation is one of five factions. The others are Erudite, Candor, Amity, and Dauntless. A faction is a group of people who believe in having certain characteristics and try to have those characteristics. Abnegation believe in selflessness. Erudite believe in smartness. Candor believe in honesty. Amity believe in peace. Dauntless believe in bravery. At age sixteen Tris is to be tested for her aptitude in each of the five factions. She is found to be divergent. Divergent is when you have aptitude in multiple factions. Then there is a choosing ceremony. Each sixteen year old gets to choose their faction. Will Tris betray those she loves (choose another faction) or stay abnegation were she has always felt like she didn’t quite belong? She decides to change factions. To dauntless. Divergent is a compelling story full of romance, bravery, sadness, and choices.

Epic Fail

In “Epic Fail” Elise Benton is new in Hollywood and Coral Tree Prep. What could be worse than being new to Hollywood and going to a new school ? Hmmmm, let’s see, how about ELISE’S MOTHER BEING THE PRINCIPAL!!! It’s a little tough being the Principal’s daughter but Elise gets by, especially being with her twin sister. Also Elise tries not to fail at falling for Mr. Popular, but……..things don’t turn out how she pleases but it’s better than what she asked for.

Dear Mr. Blueberry

A girl name Emily wants to know about whale so she writes to Mr. Blueberry (her teacher). She thinks she sees the blue whales in her ponds, so she start asking more questions like; Is it a blue whale? What do I feed it?. The next day Mr. Blueberry told her it not a blue whale, but maybe a blue fish. So when she went back to read the letter to him, He was gone. But one day when she went to the beach she saw her whale and said their last goodbyes.

Phineas L. Macguire … Gets Cooking

A 4th grade boy named Phineas L. MacGuire goes to Woodbrook Elementary and wants to become a scientist. Phineas has a dog named lemon drop. Phineas’s teacher name is Mrs. Tuttle. Ben Robbins is a artist and is also Phineas’s best friend. Ben draws Phineas as a superhero scientist a lot. Phineas is a collector. Both Phineas and his mom are always grumpy. Phineas seems to have no room to be grumpy but his mom is always grumpy because everyday after work she has to cook and clean when she says after work she has very little time to do either one. Phineas’s mom is also trying to loss weight but she cant lose her last 5 pounds. Phineas stepdad Lye tells his mom how she looks good but she doesn’t believe him. Phineas doesn’t think his mom does a lot so his mom has now decided from now on Phineas will be cooking diner every night.

A Girl Called Fearless

A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka
Avie Reveare ( a.k.a. Fearless) and all the other girl’s (teenage and young) moms, aunts and older sisters have died because of a beef disease. Now all old women, survivors from the disease, teenage girls, young girls, boys, men, and teenage boys are all that are left. In “A Girl Called Fearless” Avie must fight for her freedom from the “protection” of the Paternalist and for her love for her long time best male friend, Yates.

Sleepaway Girls

This book was amazing ! I never knew summer camp could be so fun since I’ve never been to a summer camp myself . This book is a good example of great friendships !

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