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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!

Maze Runner

Maze Runner is an amazing book so far and I am really enjoying it. I am a little confused about the maze and everything but it is very intriguing. After what I read, I would definetly reccomend this book to anybody.

Maze runner

This book is an Young-Adult, Science Fiction, Post apocalyptic story. These teens are in a science experiment! Where they are in a maze and have to escape it, but the maze is covered with dangerous creatures at night and the maze changes every night!

Crazy kind of Love

Jamal Shield aka Preacher (Leo Sullivan ) a notorious young B-More gangster is sentenced to life in prison for multiple crimes, including an armored Brinls truck heist for a cool $5.2 million. He is surprised when he is released from prison.


Crewel is an amazing book that explores different aspects of life and government power. It is set in a distopian society and is an adventure to read. Crewel keeps you in suspense, is unpredictable, and exiting. The books in the trilogy all improve upon the first making it an exiting read.

The Fault in our Stars

This book is one of the safest funniest most well written books I personally have ever read! John Greens’s writing style is so unique and beautiful it is very hard to dislike his books. This book and, Looking For Alaska, by him are by far some of the best pieces in young adult literature! He devious his characters amazingly and also the plot. I would highly recommend this book to anyone young or old girl or boy. This is one of the only books that has make me laugh out loud and cry all within one page. The whole book is filled with humor that will have you laughing and tragedy that will make you tear up.

The titans curse

This book really is interesting. It leads off as two enemies becoming friends and Percy finding two half-blood sibling. The boy named Nico annoys him. They go on a quest and epic things happen.

Robin Hood

Was there an original Robin Hood? Maybe, but the stories probably came from many sources, including adventures of common criminals, and evolved over time to bring in Maid Marian, relocate Robin to Sherwood Forest, and move the period back to the reign of Richard I. This book takes you a little deeper into the details than some people would want to go and assumes you know your medieval English kings and rebels, but I enjoyed his picking apart the evidence on how the stories evolved.


Dracula is a very well-known classic, exposing the readers to varieties of social constraints and the ability to break free of those holds. Stoker uses imagery to help the reader visualize the intensity of the event. One very interesting aspect about the story structure is that it is written in journalistic form. Stoker switches between characters’ journals and memorandums, using the third person omniscient perspective to delve into the characters’ thoughts and actions individually. Bram Stoker used this novel to introduce magical realism to the world, while illustrating a certain Vampire creature which was definitely a first in the realm of writing.

Get Well Soon

This book was wonderful. Julie Halpern created a very realistic scenario as to which I personally related to as a teen that has formerly been placed in a mental institution. The fact that I could connect to this book so much made it that much better. Get Well Soon is a great book that I will be recommending to others.

Out Of My Mind

Out Of My Mind is about 11-year-old girl, Melody, who has Cerebral Palsy (a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture). Because she has the disease, everyone thinks she is not smart. But they could not be more wrong. Melody is actually the SMARTEST person in her school.
Melody has thoughts building up. And she fears not another person will hear them, until she is given a device called a MediTalker. And everyone sees she is more than meets the eye. I want to go on and on about this book. But then I would be a spoiler, and ruin the book, so….READ THIS BOOK IT IS AWESOME!!!!

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