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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!

Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl by Mariel Hemingway is a book that tells stories from her life. This for me was an interesting book because I know that some people have lives like her own. Her parents are drinkers and her sisters as well. Her mother has cancer and her dad had a heart attack. Read this book and you will enjoy it if you like books about life.


This book is dangerous, shows love and very exciting to read. Beatrice “Tris” Prior is the main character in the story and she goes through life with problems all around her, like losing her parents in one day, killing a friend who could have killed her, and living with the grief and guilt on knowing what she has done. But she’s strong and brave. This book is amazing.

Cool like that

It was when Gia had been accepted into the summer enrichment program in New York City, she knows she’s going to have the flyest summer ever. Especially since her mom and her annoying stepsister won’t be around. And best of all? Her best friend Ricky, is joining her so they’re going to spend their entire summer together. Gia hopes Ricky’s bent on playing it safe like really safe and this cutie named, Rashad who flirts with Gia, and Ricky’s so not cool with that.

The Remendy

I loved this book so much. It had drama, romance, and cliff hangers. It was filled with emotions. I loved the relationship with Quinn and Deacon. It couldn’t have been anymore perfect. I couldn’t put it down!

freak the mighty

It was about this kid that had a disability and he made a friend and they got along good. At the end the man died and one survived. But he was okay about him dying.

take two

I really like this book. It’s about 2 twins who switch places- they think that they won’t get caught but eventually they do. These sisters do share a very tight bond though.

Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard

This is a pretty fun graphic novel collection about a pub full of mice in the distant mouse kingdom. June, sassy owner of the tavern, is trying to get her deadbeat clientele to pay their tabs, but most have no money. Bored, she decides that who ever tells the best story gets their tab cleared. Each story is illustrated by a different author, so they vary in style and tone. Some are poetry, others prose, but all are very funny and exciting! I read the book three times, and I heard they are making a sequel.

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