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Here you will find book reviews written by Durham County Library teens!


A nice funny comic with good action. I would say that very good artist work was put into the drawings, along with a lot of thought to build upon a fan favorite series. I would recomend for any comic reader who enjoys action with a wacky and funny feel. It’s really all around great.

Paper Towns

“Paper Towns” by John Green is a suspenseful, funny and overall a well-written book about love and friendship. This books talks about what friends go through on an unplanned road trip to find a friend that ran away, showing that distance is no matter in friendship, no matter for love.

Confectionately Yours Something New

This book is about a girl named Hayley and she has been having many changes in her life with family,friends and pets too. Hayley’s life isn’t so easy because she doesn’t like to let people down or hurt their feelings. Problem after problem– her family is splitting apart more but Hayley manages to keep her family and friends together by doing what is right for her and best for everyone.


The book of Genesis talks about how God created the world and how he put it into existence. Then it goes on to the part when God created Adam and Eve, and then he goes on and tells them to eat off of every tree but the tree of good and evil.

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly

First Impressions

From the moment I saw the cover, I was intrigued. The story looked interesting, and unlike other books I’d read. It definitely fulfilled that promise. The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly was a unique tale that, using flashbacks, brought Minnow’s pain, love, and sacrifice to life. My one question, why does the cover have hands if Minnow does not?


Minnow is the kind of person that I think I would like to know. She’s kind, protective, but not afraid to get angry. In juvie, Minnow immediately befriends her roommate, Angel, who is not an easy person to like. Through their friendship, Minnow is able to acclimate to the world, and Angel is able to show her scarred interior. Both of these girls are so undeserving of the sentence they got served in life, but they both make the best of it. Minnow’s doctor was an interesting side character, though most of his use was as a way to have Minnow flash back to her time in the cult.


The writing in this was truly beautiful. It’s a combination of poetic and to the point. The past tends to take on a dreamier feeling, while the present is straightforward. It truly does feel as if the reader is unlocking a mystery, all within Minnow’s mind. Minnow is fantastic at keeping secrets, not just from other people, but from the reader as well. This style, when done well, is a wonderful storytelling device.


The world building in this story is intense. Part of the way that the craziness of the cult is shown is by the relative normality of juvie. Using compare and contrast, the reader can see just how weird of a world Minnow was living in, while at the same time, believing that that sort of world could exist. The author makes it so that the reader is able to somehow believe that these people were able to fall under the spell of prophet, even when common sense says they shouldn’t.

Into Thin Air

This book, was about a reporter named Jon Krakauer, who joins a climbing service called Adventure Consultants, guided by Rob Hall. The reporter and rob hall’s teammates sometimes have difficulty adjusting to the attitude,tiring easily,losing weight and moving slowly. The climbers experience in mountain climbing and at high altitudes varies-some of them are quite qualified, others very inexperienced and highly reliant on the guides. Despite a number of mishaps, the first death doesn’t actually occur until chapter 11. From that point on, though, death is something all climbers become familiar with. The actual summit push is when everything begins to fall apart. Rob Hall appoints a 2:00 pm turn-around time, meaning that everyone who has not actually reached the summit by then must turn around, no matter how close he or she is. That day only Krakauer and a few other climbers made it to the top before 2:00 pm. Members of his group reach the top as late as 4:00 pm- the turn around time is not enforced. Among the late arrivals to the top is Rob Hall and another member, Doug Hanson. They arrive just behind another climbing group guided by Scott Fischer. During the Everest expedition, Scott Fischer, Beck Weathers, Andy Harris, The five Sherpas, Mike Groom, Rob Hall, Yasuko Namba, Ian Woodall and Makalu Gau died on May 10th 1924 at 4:00 pm. The feelings I had about this book,was sadness, because some of the climbers were US Americans.

Fake ID

Fake ID is a book about a yong man who is in the witness protection program and he is located to a small town. When he arrives on his first day of school he is greeted by one of the tour guides at the school. Later that week he is murdered and staged as a suicide he goes out and trys to find out who killed his best friend in the short time of knowing him.

What The Moon Saw

Clara Luna, luna means moon in Spanish. Clara’s grandparents go on a long journey ride from California to Mexico. Her¬†grandparents go get Clara from the airport to come and stay the summer while they are out of school. Clara doesn’t feel comfortable because she gets homesick. Clara’s grandmother see’s a journey in Clara future.


This book is a really good book. It is set in the future, and is more of a dystopian novel. It follows a young girl named Beatrice and her journey thru the factions. Their are 5 factions that once you reach your sixteenth birthday can choose from. Yet there is something different about tris. I highly recommend you read the book to find out!

Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die is an amazing, chilling, action-packed book! Amy Gumm is just a regular girl from Kansas, nicknamed “Salvation Amy” by girls at school. She’s whisked off to Oz, but Oz is not at all what it used to be. Lots of people know that she left, but she returned and gained power. But she became power hungry and did horrible things. No one is safe in Oz anymore. No one.

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