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sacre Bleu

Titillating experience as you travel back in time with histories greatest artists to help solve a mystery surrounding the color blue. But not just any blue, the sacred blue. Watch as each man gets entranced and enslaved by Bleu, painting things he doesn’t remember and alternately, not painting ones he did remember. You’re guided along through the plot with history, humor, suspense and a bit of a foul mouth all the while trying to piece all together yourself, although, like each of the characters, the answer lays always just behind the scenes as you’re swept away in the moment enjoying each riveting moment as lives are lost and saved. I highly recommend this book to anyone, avid readers or otherwise, art enthusiasts or graphic novel fanatics or even just someone looking for something different and entertaining to while away the last of summer. Great read. I don’t know why I hadn’t found it sooner but I couldn’t be more euphoric that I did. Read it! You’ll fall in love.

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