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The results are in! Congratulations to North Regional Library for exercising the most minutes during ChallengeWave! Despite being tied for the fewest participants, they managed to beat out the competition in minutes. Congrats also to Southwest Regional for having the most participants.

Library # Registered Minutes
Main Library 21 5 hours 14 minutes
East Regional 18 3 hours 58 minutes
North Regional 18 1 day 10 hours
South Regional 37 4 hours 45 minutes
Southwest Regional 52 5 hours 47 minutes

Thanks to everyone who participated!

ChallengeWave is a four-week fitness competition co-presented by Durham County Library and Durham County Department of Public Health running from June 15 – July 15, 2013.

Participants can sign up to represent their favorite library (Main and the four regional libraries), and compete against other DCL locations. Do any activity, any time, any place, then track it online to help your library win. The library team that travels the most virtual miles wins a trophy.

Competitors who sign up for Summer Reading as well can win additional prizes for attending library fitness programs.

Sign up now. Space is limited.

Sign Up for ChallengeWave

When signing up, you will be asked for an invitation code. Use DCLibrary13.

For more information, contact the team captain at your location:

Main Library
Claudia Aleman de Toomes

East Regional
Nathan Williams

North Regional
Shelley Geyer

South Regional
Kathleen Hayes

Southwest Regional
Bashiru Ettu

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