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New Ebooks for Kids Catalog

New Ebooks for Kids Catalog

New Ebooks for Kids Catalog

Our collection of ebooks and e-audiobooks for kids has grown tremendously over the past year. And now, we are excited to announce that our kids’ digital collection has a catalog of its own!

We have worked with our ebook vendor OverDrive, to create a new website that contains all our kids’ ebooks and e-audiobooks. Kids and parents no longer have to go to our main ebook catalog and sort through adult books to find the kids’ collection. (Although you still can if you want. All kids’ books will remain in the main ebook catalog.)

Visit the Kids’ Ebook Catalog Now!

Downloading and reading the kids’ ebooks and e-audiobooks works in the same way that you are used to with the main site. Books are offered in EPUB, Kindle and/or PDF formats and audiobooks are available as MP3 and/or WMA files. You can use the same OverDrive Media Console apps that you already use with your iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry devices. You can also read or listen to books on your Windows or Mac computer using OverDrive Media Console or Adobe Digital Editions.

If you need help, click the question mark icon at the top of any page of the kids’ catalog.

We hope you enjoy browsing the new kids’ ebook catalog. If you have any questions, please contact

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