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Announcing the Digging Durham Seed Library

Digging Durham Seed Library logoYour library is growing an exciting new idea: seeds available for “check out” to the community.

Help us start by donating seeds from your home garden or farm. We are looking for flower, vegetable and herb open pollinated seeds well suited for growing in Durham, even from previous seasons.

Drop off your seeds in an envelope at any library location. Please include the story of your seeds, your name and your contact information with your seed envelope.

For the seed library, ‘open-pollinated’ seeds are preferred but we will take ‘hybrids’ which are usually sold at retail garden centers. Also acceptable are already opened seed packets, leftover from the previous year or so.


Heirloom or Open-pollinated Seeds
(Seeds for Saving)

Seeds that have been grown for so many generations that their physical and genetic qualities are relatively stable. Open-pollinated is usually used to describe plants that are not hybrids. This seed will grow “true to type” if saved. In simple terms, you will reap what you sow. Please share the seeds from your harvest of these plants.

We will also accept:

Hybrid Seeds
(Seeds for Growing Only)

If a packet has hybrid, F1, or VF written on it, seeds from those plants will not produce plants like the parent plant. They may produce something somewhat or very different, or they may produce nothing at all. We will not accept seeds saved from hybrids, as they will not grow “true-to-type” and may be trademarked.

Look for the box for seed donations at your library.

Patrons may begin checking out seed on April 23, 2014.

Questions? Please contact: Margaret Anderson at 919-560-8598.


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