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Durham County Library Needs Seeds!

Program: Digging Durham Seed Library
Date: Ongoing beginning Monday, February 10
Location: All Durham County Library Locations
Cost: Free and open to the public

Durham – On April 23, Durham County Library will launch the Digging Durham Seed Library at three locations: Main, South Regional and Southwest Regional. Library patrons will be able to “check out” seeds and then “return” harvested seeds once the growing season is complete. The library is requesting seed donations from local gardeners, farms and community organizations to help establish the initial seed collection.

“Seed libraries are sprouting up across the nation to save and share plant seeds,” said Joanne Abel, Durham County Library adult programming coordinator. “Today, more than 60 exist in public libraries across the country, but this will be one of the first seed libraries in North Carolina. Durham County is a perfect location because of our DIY attitude and foodie nature.”

While all donations are appreciated, the library is especially focused on open pollinated and/or heirloom flower and vegetable seeds well-suited for Durham’s climate. The library will accept hybrid seeds usually sold at retail garden centers, although these types of seeds can only be used for growing, not saving. Donors may also give already opened seed packets if they have been stored in a cool, dry environment and are less than two years old. The library will soon host workshops to explain the process of seed saving for residents interested in donating seeds but unsure of the process.

Patrons may donate seeds at any library location. Donors should place the seeds in an envelope, with their name and contact information, as well as the history of the seeds, including how they are linked to the donor’s family, house or farm and the plants they produced.

This program is co-sponsored by S.E.E.D.S., Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and the NC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program. For more information or to find out how to donate seeds, visit (shortened url:, or contact Margaret Anderson at 919-560-8592 or e-mail

Durham County Library encourages Discovery, connects the Community and leads in Literacy. As a department of Durham County Government, the library furthers Goal 1 of the county’s Strategic Plan by enhancing cultural, educational and creative opportunities. The library also furthers Goal 2 by improving the health and well being of all citizens and Goal 4 by promoting environmental stewardship. For more information about the library, visit

Contact: Gina Rozier
919-560-0151 or

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