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And the Mountains Echoed

By Khaled Hosseini

** spoiler alert ** Fantastic story telling by Hosseini. I really enjoyed The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, and thoroughly enjoyed this book as well! He has a way of weaving a story and interconnecting the lives of his characters. I actually enjoyed this book a little bit better than his other ones since the scenes were not as graphic or as violent as some of the scenes in his other books.

I loved hearing the story through numerous voices. Although Pari perhaps was the “main character”, it didn’t feel like there were many supporting characters because we heard many of their stories. I really enjoyed hearing about the lives of each of the characters in the novel. Perhaps the one drawback was that I didn’t connect and get drawn into any single character because the storyline moved quickly. But then again, I liked the fact that the story did move quickly and didn’t drag in any place. It was interesting how each character had “skeletons in their closet”.

It was difficult for me to keep the timeline straight in my head since the story bounced back and forth so much. I wish I could have kept better track of who would have been where and when while reading the stories from other people’s vantage point.

Part of me wanted Abdullah to remember Pari at the end of the novel and for Pari to remember the feathers Abdullah collected for her. But Pari was right…she was spared a lifetime of grief whereas Abdullah felt so much pain because of his separation from his sister.

All-in-all, wonderful read!

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