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Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

Nick and Amy are a young married couple with problems. Big problems. Sociopath type problems. Hilarity ensues.

This is the second of Gillian Flynn’s books that I have read. She writes clear, fast-moving prose. This book was clever, but clever’s not enough to make a good book. It is impossible to write about the book’s big problems without spoiling it, so out of respect for future readers I won’t detail the ways that the mechanics of the story break down. Instead, I’ll say that at the last page, the mechanism is so overtaxed that the conclusion is unsatisfying. What would have been more satisfying? Maybe spontaneous human combustion. Or the detective returning on the last page to knife . Or a final line in italics: “Then he (or she) woke up.”

Several reviewers who rate the book a “1” on amazon say that after finishing it, they wanted to shower. Not me. I just wanted to fling the book far, far across the room. Bah.

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